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Our Best-Selling Fundraising Merchandise – And Why Charities Love Them!

26 September, 2018

The Guardian reports that there are more than 185,00 registered charities in England and Wales. The number is expected to grow by 5,000 every year. How do you help your charity stand apart from the rest? One small but powerful way to differentiate your organisation is through customised fundraising merchandise.

For the last nearly ten years, we’ve been offering a wide-range of products to suit the varied needs of charities, large and small, old and new. Two of the most common questions we get asked at Rocket Charities are which products are the most popular and what merchandise will work the best for my charity? In this post, we divulge some of our best-selling merchandise items and discuss what makes these products the perfect choice among top charities.

Charity Badges

Charity badges are far and away our most popular product among charities. It’s no surprise. Badges cost little to manufacture, are high-impact and they come in a wide range of options to suit your charity brand, budget and campaign. Every person who sports a badge from your charity in turn becomes a walking ambassador for your cause when they wear the badge out and about on their hat, backpack or jacket.

Here’s a few of our top-selling badge styles.

  • Enamel Fundraising Badges: Our #1 best-selling badge is the enamel fundraising badge. One tip we have is to get creative with the shape and design of your enamel badges. Think about what unique artistic or whimsical elements you could incorporate to really play up the story of your charity. For example, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals created a series of adorable (and very collectable) pin badges in the shapes of the animals it serves and sells these items online.

    Credit: RSPCA
  • Collectable Badges: Year after year, collectable pin badges continue to be one of the most popular merchandise products for charities because of their potential to generate funds over the long term. They’re also popular. People of all ages seek out badge sets to expand their collections, often adorning their backpacks, hats or jackets with their treasured finds. For example, we helped the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust create a special series of collectable badges inspired by birds and animals. What story can your charity tell through a collection of badges? If you have a theme in mind, we can help you think through some clever options for designs that you could produce monthly, seasonally or annually.
    Credit: WWT


  • Button Badges: With their low production cost, quick turnaround time and classic popularity, button badges make the perfect “giveaway” item. Giveaways are small, free gifts that you can give to your supporters on a number of occasions – perhaps as a thank you or in person at your next charity fundraising event. Another benefit of the button badge is speed. Does your charity need something quick? Button badges can be designed, created and shipped in minimal time. In fact, the lead time is just five short days from the time of art approval.

Trolley-Coin Keyrings

For extra utility and function, another best-seller among top charities is the practical trolley coin keyring, chiefly because it generates such great exposure. Your supporters will love this product because it’s so handy – it saves them the time of searching for a pound coin every time they’re on the go. In exchange, your charity name will be seen on a daily basis by a wide range of commuters and shoppers.

We offer a traditional trolley coin keyring as well as the new 12-sided trolley coin keying, both of which can be produced in multiple colours or decals to perfectly represent your charity brand.

trolley keyring

Charity Wristbands

Wristbands are another favourite “wearable” item among charities for their cost-effectiveness, versatility and fashionability. Here’s just a few varieties of wristbands your charity could make.

  • Silicon Wristbands: The silicon wristband is the classic, tried-and-true wristband option and might be an ideal giveaway item for your next fun run or fundraising event. Silicon wristbands provide an opportunity for your fans to participate in and support your charity by proudly donning a bracelet. Today, these wristbands are also very customisable, including child and adult sizes, printed or embossed, colour matching and even glow in the dark.
    Charity Wristband
  • Charity Bracelet: Appeal to your fashionable supporters with a trendy charity bracelet, a Rocket Charities exclusive! Charity bracelets are a fun and fashionable way to offer people something that they actually want to wear. Many of our clients have found success in designing and selling charity bracelets online and in retail locations. Not a fashionista? No problem. Our expert designers will help you design a unique and on-trend bracelet that people will covet as an bracelet
  • Fundraising Bracelet: Looking for something a little different for your charity? Consider a special fundraising bracelet, a fashion-forward piece that’s perfect for your next retail campaign. Many top charities seek these out as a fun, modern alternative to the classic silicon wristband. To fully advertise your charity, we can place your name and brand on both sides, either via spot printing or even woven.
    fundraising event bracelet

With 5,000 charities launching every year, there has never been a better or smarter time to invest in customised merchandise. The right products can go a long way toward differentiating your charity from the rest. And don’t fret if this is your first exposure to merchandise or if you don’t have graphic designers or artists on your staff. From badges to bracelets, our experts will help you every step of the way to design your product in our studio, free of charge, always!

Please reach out today to talk about some of the hottest merchandise items and how they can help your charity make a mark this year.

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