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World Cancer Day: Fundraising Lessons from Leading Charities

4 February, 2020

4 February marks World Cancer Day, an international day to raise awareness and encourage cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Every year, 9.6 million people die from cancer; by 2030, this devastating statistic is expected to rise to 13 million people. The idea behind World Cancer Day is that it’s together, as charities and individuals, that

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3 Ways to Make your Fundraising More Ethical

23 January, 2020

As we mentioned in a previous post, ethical manufacturing is a core focus for today’s charities, and for good reason. Trust in charities is, unfortunately, at an all-time low; less than half of the people in the UK believe them to be trustworthy. One way to rebuild this trust is via transparency around your fundraising

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5 Fundraising Merchandise Trends for 2020

15 January, 2020

As we head into the new year, what fundraising strategies have you identified for your charity in 2020? Events, campaigns, public outreach and direct appeals may all be key facets of your fundraising strategy, but there’s an oft-overlooked, yet highly persuasive component that crosses all of these channels, and that is charitable merchandise.  As with

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Six Charitable Wedding Favour Ideas

21 November, 2019

Does your charity design and sell charitable wedding favours? If not, you could be missing out on a lovely opportunity to drive donations and support for your cause. In recent years, we’ve seen many couples forego predictable and disposable wedding favours for their guests with more meaningful and unique charitable gifts.  Brides magazine reports a

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The Best Merchandise for Charity Giveaways

5 August, 2019

We’re back again with a common refrain: people love giveaways! Thankfully, the days of cheap, disposable freebies are giving way to more meaningful, durable and functional giveaways that your supporters will want to use over and over again. Giveaways are also an incredibly powerful marketing tool for charities, as they help build awareness, encourage donations

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