Charity Wristbands and Bracelets

Let people show their support for your charity with custom charity wristbands. Popular among children and adults alike, charity wristbands are a bright and bold way to raise visibility for your charity. Their low cost, high donation value and proven success make them a top choice for today's leading charities. Whether you're planning a fundraising event, a fun run or a retail campaign, we can help you create a customised charity wristband worthy of your cause.

Though many people associate charity wristbands with the iconic silicon wristband made popular by the yellow Livestrong bracelet, today’s options don’t stop there. We offer an array of wristband options, including fashion-forward charity bracelets, silicon watches and the option to create a completely custom design of your own.

Why Charity Wristbands

Charity wristbands are a proven, successful fundraising item for any type of charity campaign! Over the last 10 years, their popularity has grown significantly, and they remain a key fundraising tool for charities. Not only are they durable, versatile and inexpensive, people also love to wear them! Wristbands also can be customised to fit your charity’s brand and message. Choose from a variety of types, styles, materials, and colours to create a wristband that’s truly unique for your charity.

Choosing the Right Charity Wristband

When it comes to choosing the right wristband for your campaign, it’s important to consider your target audience. We offer a variety of wristband styles to perfectly suit your supporters and campaign goals.

Our traditional silicon wristbands are among our top-selling charity wristbands. These tried-and-true favourites come in a variety of sizes and colours and can even be made to glow in the dark! They’re a versatile, cost-effective option for any campaign. If you’re looking for something a little different, try our silicon watches. These practical, playful wristbands add additional level of perceived value, adding the potential for increased revenue. Sporty and functional, they’re a great option for fun runs, marathons, schools, and other fundraising events.

Looking to appeal to fashion-forward supporters? Try our charity bracelets! Our exclusive Rocket Charity Bracelet is the ‘must-have’ charity product of the year and is quickly becoming the top fundraising product in the UK. Designed by our in-house design studio, these stylish bracelets display your charity message on a small metal charm, making them a stunning, purpose-driven fashion accessory.

Our new fundraising bracelets are another great option, especially for retail campaigns. These fashionable bracelets are made from the same soft material we use to create lanyards and come in an endless selection of designs. Both sides of the bracelet can be completely customised, making them an ideal product to display your charity’s message. If you need help coming up with a design, our team is here to help! We can work with you to come up with a truly unique design for your charity wristband – free of charge!

Why Charities Choose Us For Their Fundraising Merchandise

Free Consultation

We take a consultative approach with all charity partners to help you find the perfect fundraising products for a successful campaign.

Free Design

The UK’s most creative and experienced fundraising merchandise designers will look after your product designs, all for FREE!

Serious About Social Responsibility

All our facilities abide by a strict code of trading we’ve established, that ensures your products are produced ethically and sustainably.

Quality Certified: ISO9001

We have worked hard to achieve ISO9001 certification, implementing quality management systems that ensure our clients receive products and service of the
highest calibre.

30 Years Experience

From product guidance and VAT advice to product delivery, you can rely on us every step of the way to get the most out of your
charity merchandise.

7,000+ Charities Served

With 7,000+ charities served since 1987 we’ve seen it all. If you have any questions (no matter how simple or complex), we can answer them.

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Why Charities Choose Us For Their Fundraising Merchandise