Eco Friendly Fundraising Merchandise

Eco-friendly merchandise is an excellent way to get your campaign message across, whilst building your charity’s reputation and minimising your carbon footprint!

If you’re looking to expand the merchandise you have to offer, or are looking to find more environmentally friendly alternatives to the products you might already be producing, get in touch with us now to talk to one of our product experts.

With the current climate situation hot on everyone’s minds, making the decision to be more sustainable whilst fundraising will give your charity the competitive edge. It will help to reinforce every charity’s mission of creating positive change, by reducing the negative impacts it has on the environment.

Choosing the Right Product for You

The first step towards a more sustainable future is by choosing products made from more ethical materials. Merchandise made from biodegradable materials are best, as they will completely break down into nothing overtime reducing the quantity of landfill waste and avoiding the amount of river and ocean pollution. Likewise, choosing items created out of recycled products will help give a degradable material a new lease of life.

Like with anything, it is difficult to go teetotal with non-sustainable merchandise, so begin by making small changes with products. For example, choosing things which might be 75% biodegradable (such as pencils made out of newspaper) or items which can be reused as alternatives to single use plastic products (such as cotton shoppers). By making these baby steps towards more sustainable merchandise, it will have a knock-on effect resulting in positive change.

Environmentally Friendly Doesn’t End with Product Choice

Minimising the impact your charity has on the environment doesn’t stop there. By ensuring more sustainable choices are made at every step of the manufacturing process, it will raise the profile of your charity and campaign to have an even greater impact.

The best way to ensure you are minimising the negative impact of the fundraising merchandise on the people and places involved in the manufacture of them, is to ensure they are produced in line with the industry standards and regulations. For an easy guide to ethical sourcing, including a checklist which covers everything you need to ensure transparency in the production line, check out our eBook here.

Other steps you can take such as reducing the volume of packaging by bulk ordering shipments, choosing FSC paper for backing cards and biodegradable polybags, or choosing alternative materials for packaging such as tissue paper (get in touch to find out more), can all work together to ensure that the fundraising merchandise you produce is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Get in touch now to find out how to make Eco-friendly fundraising merchandise work for you!

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Why Charities Choose Us For Their Fundraising Merchandise