We Make Ordering High Quality, Cost-Effective
Fundraising Merchandise A Breeze

Charities fulfil a vital role in making the world a better place - that's something we care about as much as you do. But your job isn't an easy one, and we understand that how you use precious charity funds can be a difficult decision. That's why we've worked hard to make charity fundraising merchandise as straight-forward, easy to understand, easy to order (and easy to profit from!) as possible. This is how we do it:

Free In-House Design from Our Amazing Team of Designers

Our renowned in-house design team are amazing at taking your campaign ideas and turning them into beautiful merchandise with high donation value. We work to the tightest deadlines and strictest brand guidelines to ensure that the designs we create are always on time and precisely what our clients need. From large charities with corporate style guides and strict pantone requirements to the smallest charities that need their first logo created, we offer a service which is unrivalled in our industry and is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. And the best part is that our design service is COMPLETELY FREE.

Till Point Products Are One of the Best Ways to Help Your Charity Succeed

Complete display boxes of merchandise are one of the things we do best. In fact, we’ve worked with some of the biggest charities and high street retailers in the world, including Unicef, Save the Children and Macmillan Cancer Support to supply merchandise for some of the most recognisable and successful campaigns in the UK. If you’ve done all the hard work and secured a retailer that wants to help your charity raise some money you might be wondering “What happens next?”. We can help you with every step of the process from ideas to tender, retailers to design, packaging solutions through to final delivery. We will happily discuss ideas with you and come up with a variety of items that we think will suit your charity and the partner that is going to help sell them. We will work with you throughout the whole design process and take all the stress away from the production, delivering you a complete set of your products packed in display boxes and ready to sell!

Our Fundraising Merchandise Has Been Seen in the Following Major Retailers

VAT Guidance - Minimise Taxes to Maximise Profit

VAT can be pretty confusing for charity administrators throughout the UK. There’s a whole minefield of “do’s and don’ts” where VAT and charities are concerned. If you’re finding it tough to figure out exactly what tax exemptions you are entitled to we can help. We’re not accountants, but we have been working closely with HMRC for over 30 years, and are up to date with all the latest VAT guidelines where merchandise is concerned. Did you know that a fair few products we supply are exempt of VAT? For all advice on what can and can’t be exempt of VAT give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help you minimise your taxes to maximise the profit on your campaigns.

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Succeed with Fundraising Merchandise

Call us on 0207 424 4060 to give your next fundraising campaign the head start it needs. If now’s not convenient, book a time for us to call you.

Maintaining the Highest Standards of Ethics and Sustainability Is As Important to Us As It Is to You

We have worked very hard to establish an ethical code of practice with all our facilities. We want all our suppliers’ employees to be working in good conditions, for fair pay, and with environmental sustainability as a focus.
We know it’s very important for charities to avoid using suppliers whose unethical practises could damage their reputation. That’s why we are a SEDEX member organisation, all our factories are are fully SMETA audited and conform to our strict code of ethical trading. We can even provide the documents to prove it if you need them.

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Rocket Charities constantly exceed expectations and have delivered an exceptional level of service from day one.

Our Streamlined Processes Make Ordering Your Merchandise a Breeze

Expert Design

Our in-house design team has worked their magic with the UK's biggest charity brands. They're at your service, completely free!

Streamlined Logistics

Rest easy, knowing our experienced logistics team and streamlined processes are making sure your products arrive safely and on-time.

Easy Accounting

Our accounts team will ensure all of your paperwork is handled smoothly, accurately, and efficiently, making the process completely headache free!

Quality Production

We're obsessed with making sure your products are of the very highest quality, so that they represent your charity in the best possible way.

Learn More about What We Do and How We Can Help Your
Charity Succeed with Fundraising Merchandise

Call us on 0207 424 4060 to give your next fundraising campaign the head start it needs. If now’s not convenient, book a time for us to call you.