Ethical and Sustainable Manufacturing
Shouldn’t Be a Nice-To-Have

We’ve gone to huge lengths to ensure that our supplier’s values and commitment to
ethical integrity are as robust as those of the charities we serve

Our Suppliers Pay Their Workers Well, Have Excellent Working Conditions and
Manufacture To The Highest Ethical Standards

We believe that everyone, no matter what country they live in, should be entitled to a good wage, adequate work-life balance and a safe, ethical working environment. To that end we have worked very hard to establish an ethical code of practise with all of our suppliers. We believe in full transparency, as we understand it’s a real concern for charities not knowing where their money is being spent once their merchandise goes into production. All our factories are fully SMETA audited and conform to our strict code of ethical trading. Further down this page you can find a comparison video showing a sweatshop and then the high-quality, ethical factories our products are manufactured in. We can even provide our certification and auditing documents for you if you need them.

Our internal policies are completely aligned with the recommendations of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. We have always taken forced labour very seriously and refuse to work with any factory that shows any slight discrepancy within their audits or practices.

Ethical and Responsible Business Practices

Sedex is a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. Sedex share their data with retailers and brands so they can easily see how suppliers are upholding their ethical and social responsibilities. Rocket Charities is a Sedex member organisation.

ISO9001 Certified

ISO9001 is a series of quality assurance guidelines based on a number of factors including Customer focus, Leadership, Engagement of people, Process approach, Improvement, Evidence-based decision making and Relationship management. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we meet the highest work practise standards and are fully ISO9001 Certified.

Avoid Unethical Suppliers. See the High Standards Our Ethical Factories Maintain

At Rocket Charities we believe in full transparency. We know it's important to you that your charity's products are made in a safe, ethical, and worker-friendly environment. So we created this video contrasting a sweatshop with our factories to show you the high-quality, safe and ethical environment in which we make your products.

Have Questions About Any of Our Certifications or Manufacturing Practices?

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Rocket Charities constantly exceed expectations and have delivered an exceptional level of service from day one.

Rocket Charities constantly exceed expectations and have delivered an exceptional level of service from day one.