Trolley Coin Keyrings

  • SIZE: Standard Pound or Euro coins
  • SHAPE: Circular
  • LEAD TIME: 4 weeks
  • IDEAL FOR: Fundraising, Giveaways

Product Information

  • High Impact, High Usage
  • Surprisingly Low Cost
  • High Donation Opportunity
  • Huge Exposure To User

The trolley coin keyring (or trolley/locker token) is a hugely popular fundraising and awareness product. There are few, if any, products that have more exposure to the user than the trolley coin keyring.

Typically attached to the keys, your charity message or logo is viewed thousands of times by the recipient – even if they seldom use the coin. Of course when the coin is used at a supermarket, DIY store or gym, there is the further benefit of a tremendous feeling of goodwill towards your organisation. You’ve helped save the user time and hassle. We can even produce Euro tokens if your organisation has a presence on the continent.

We have seen significant growth in the sales of the trolley coin keyring, and with it’s low cost and high perceived value it makes a superb fundraising product for all sorts of charities.

We are currently providing quotes and samples for new pound coin trolley keychains, however, we will only be taking orders once the coin is available from March 28th, 2017. Please contact us if you would like a Design.

  • SIZE: Standard Pound or Euro coins
  • SHAPE: Circular
  • LEAD TIME: 4 weeks
  • IDEAL FOR: Fundraising, Giveaways

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