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Ready, Set, Race: Winning Marathon Charity Merchandise

25 February, 2020

The London Marathon is fast approaching on Sunday, 26 April. For runners, it’s time to lace up the trainers and get prepared. For charities, it’s time to pick out some custom clothing and gear for your runners. Most charity entrants expect not only fundraising and training support but also a “charity pack” of sorts, which often includes items like custom running vests, t-shirts, medals and special merchandise. For example, people who run the London Marathon for Outward Bound receive a custom running vest and t-shirt; Cancer Research UK provides a “cheering pack” with a branded banner, clapper boards, cheering sticks, balloons, tattoos and running sacks. 

In this post, we share some of our top marathon merchandise ideas to provide you with inspiration and ensure you maximise your opportunity come race day. Here’s what to include in your charity kit, for the marathon or any upcoming challenge.

1. Custom Running Vests and T-shirts for Warmth and Comfort

Let’s start with a must-have: a custom charity running vest or t-shirt. As you know, the April weather on race day can be unpredictable. (2018 was one of the hottest marathon days with temperatures of 23.2C, while just two years prior, the forecast was 12C with a slight chance of snow!) Help your runners stay dry and comfortable with this moisture wicking running vest. Custom cotton t-shirts are also great to include for runners for post-race festivities (and a pretty neat souvenir of their accomplishment).

marathon charity merchandise

2. Budget-Friendly Silicon Wristbands 

Add a little whimsy to your charity pack with a custom charity wristband. Silicon wristbands are a popular choice for their low cost; you don’t have to break your budget to design a limited-edition marathon wristband for your runners. Wearable items like bracelets are a great way to raise the visibility of your charity, as runners will often wear them with pride long after the race ends. Many charities even gift these to other race-day supporters and volunteers. We offer a wide range of styles and colours, even a glow in the dark option.

3. Fun and Functional Charity Water Bottles

Need a little more room for your charity name or message? Consider a custom water bottle, which offers a large customisable area for your charity logo and an inspirational message for your runners. We offer two popular BPA-free styles, a classic “base bottle” and an ergonomic “pulse bottle”. Both are available in multiple colors and are a perfect choice for your active runners or supporters before, during or after the race.

marathon charity merchandise

4. Sweatbands are Retro Cool

Tap into the retro trend with an embroidered headband or sweatband. Sweatbands are not only a fun, head-turning way to get your charity name out there, but they’re functional, especially if the marathon weather is warm. Like wristbands, our custom sweatbands are low in cost with a high perceived value. They also come individually wrapped in a clear poly-bag, so they’re perfect to drop in your race-day charity pack, give out along the course or send to people in the mail after the race as a unique thank you gift.

Amnesty International Wristbands

5. The Gold Medal Goes To … Everyone! 

While not all your runners will medal in the marathon, consider gifting a commemorative medal in their charity running kit. Custom medals are a great way to show appreciation and reward runners for their achievements. No matter how a runner finishes the race, they’ve worked hard to raise funds for your critical cause, and that’s worthy of celebration. And a medal! 

marathon charity merchandise

As we approach the London Marathon, now is the time to put together a memorable charity pack for your dedicated runners. They’re an important part of positive change; since the first London Marathon in 1981, charity entrants have raised more than £830 million for a wide range of important issues. What other items would you like to include for your runners? Please give us a call and see what we can do to inspire your runners and maximise your fundraising opportunities on race day.

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