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Unique Ways to Garner Support for your Cause

22 December, 2017

With almost 200,000 registered charities in the UK, it’s important that you differentiate your campaign to most effectively drive donations. This post will look at some unique ways that you can drive awareness and fundraising efforts with creative charity merchandise that serves as a constant reminder of your important cause.

Smell Sells!

Have you ever considered smell as part of your marketing and promotion efforts? Consider this: a pleasant smell can evoke positive emotions or memories. Air fresheners are a great, useful product that can be customised with your logo or branding to help people associate these pleasant smells with your charity. Air fresheners can be used at home, in the office or even in automobiles; all very highly visible locations to display your branding.  Air fresheners can be given away as gifts for donations or sold alongside other branded merchandise from your charity website. These can even be sold at checkout counters.

Air fresheners are also low-cost and lightweight, making them a perfect product for direct mail and giveaways. Today, they come in different shapes and can be printed on both sides with the same or different messaging, to really tell the story of your charity. To finish off your product, consider adding a header card and printed packaging; at Rocket Badge, we can put all this together in branded display boxes so they are ready to use as soon as you receive them!

Branded Bags for Life

Re-usable bags are becoming the norm for day-to-day use. When given as gifts or as part of a fundraising campaign, customers will carry your brand with them while shopping at the market, running errands and travelling.  Shopping bags are a highly functional fundraising item, used time and again to ensure that your charity messaging is always in sight.

Re-usable bags are an especially smart product if your charity has an environmental or “green” focus. People will appreciate your bags because they reduce plastic waste and are stylish, functional and environmentally friendly. They are also durable and offer a low cost for a large print area for your clever and compelling message and design.

We’ve heard of several creative uses for these popular items:

– Design a series of bags to promote several different targeted campaigns

– Sell a cleverly designed bag on your website to your supporters, with proceeds going to your charity

– Use the bags as raffle prizes or giveaways at a fundraising event

– Fill the bags with other merchandise or printed materials about your charity. You could put your charity’s annual report or brochure inside each bag, along with a special seasonal give-away, like chocolates or candles.

– Give branded bags away as VIP gifts for dedicated volunteers who staff your events

– Offer a free bag for people who make certain levels of donation

Fridge Magnets

Many charities tell their story through compelling images, such as photos of children, animals, the elderly, or veterans. Fridge magnets are a great way to showcase these powerful images in homes or offices. These images can help your audience connect with your mission and spur them to take action and donate. Seeing your message on a large outdoor billboard is one thing; seeing your brand and message every time they visit their fridge is another. It’s a personal, always-there way to get in front of people and inspire interest.

Is your organisation or charity trying to change someone’s behaviour? Fridge magnets are a great way to remind people of simple actions they can do at home, during their everyday lives, to help achieve positive change. You can also use fridge magnets to remind people of how they can get involved when they leave the house. Consider a clever message like, “Next time you visit the market for more milk, look for the Green Ribbon at the checkout to help support local organic farms.” Or consider positing a provocative question on the fridge or frame magnet that you want someone to think about on a daily basis. “What have YOU done today to support the elderly?” or “You can make a difference in a child’s life TODAY. Here’s how.” The magnet can include calls to action or a reminder of your charity website or contact information.

The right branded products can help your charity stand out. There are so many options today for people to donate to good causes; tap into your creativity to make sure your message rises to the top. Please  get in touch with us today to hear more creative ideas and get started on everything from air fresheners to re-usable bags to fridge magnets and frames.

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