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The Power of Badges: RSPB Collectable Badges

2 March, 2016

With a creative mindset and the right merchandise partner, you can utilise Fundraising Badges to capture curiosity and maintain attention. If you successfully engage your audience, you can count on the dual benefits of regular support as well as a sizeable financial return. So, take note of the following tips if you’re looking to justify a new fundraising activation.

  1. Design with your audience in mind.

It’s crucial to establish your objectives for a Fundraising Badge campaign. Most charities will look to capitalise on the passions of existing donors while hoping to attract the interest of acquisition prospects. This is where Fundraising Badges have an inherent creative edge, because you can create a collectible. If deployed well, you’re poised to establish a long-term emotional connection. Treat your badges like a regular giving program instead of a single cash gift and your consumers will reward you with loyalty.

Badges are also uniquely placed to visually represent your mission statement. Because your supporters will wear your badge, your brand is placed front and centre, creating a talking point. You’ll generate community ambassadors as well as profits. So, also make sure you work badge sales into your communications strategy, so your supporters can articulate precisely what your charity is seeking to achieve.

  1. Starting small may serve you in the long run.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) started selling Fundraising Badges in 1999, with only four badges to choose from. Over seventeen years, the collection has grown to more than 300 unique designs and over 1.5 million badges produced each year. Rarity is a commodity in this space, with one RSPB limited edition badge recently selling for more than £200 on eBay. Now, Fundraising Badges are one of RSPB’s main sources of income.

Your true measure of success should extend beyond your ROI (which happens to be high). You should also watch how quickly you sell out. By strategically releasing badges, collectors eagerly anticipate new or changed designs, creating a constant demand. This is where a reputable supplier of fundraising merchandise can give you a competitive advantage. RSPB have worked closely with Rocket Charities for more than fifteen years, establishing a worldwide network of consumers. If you follow in the footsteps of RSPB, you may find yourself expanding into the Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Nepal, Finland, the Gola Rainforest and beyond.

By marketing Fundraising Badges you’ll actually generate a new breed of supporter. Indeed, RSPB have diversified their product offering to insects, flowers, mammals, reptiles and marine life, as well as birds. So, even if you’re a single cause non-profit, merchandising may open doors to otherwise untapped potential.

  1. Why stop at one?

To really elevate your Fundraising Badge strategy to the next tier, you should consider each of your supporters like a retail partner. As well as encouraging corporates and an individual peer-to-peer sales campaign, consider bulk sales as part of your supporter journey. Weddings favours are perfect example, where selling to a betrothed couple leads to engagement with hundreds of guests. But this is only possible if you can confidently market your badge as a collector’s commodity. Choosing your fundraising merchandise partner is crucial to establishing your brand integrity. So, set your sights accordingly, and you’ll delight with meaningful and beautiful bonbonniere.

Rocket Charities are here to support you through this entire process, from humble beginnings to dizzying success. As the leading suppliers of fundraising merchandise in the United Kingdom, you can trust that Rocket Charities will provide you with unmatched expertise and a truly consultative approach to finding your unique fundraising solution.

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