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The Best Merchandise for Charity Giveaways

5 August, 2019

We’re back again with a common refrain: people love giveaways! Thankfully, the days of cheap, disposable freebies are giving way to more meaningful, durable and functional giveaways that your supporters will want to use over and over again. Giveaways are also an incredibly powerful marketing tool for charities, as they help build awareness, encourage donations and show appreciation for supporters. 

However, given the many great products available, it can be hard for charities to choose the perfect products. Often, this choice comes down to striking the right balance between cost and impact. In this post, we help you hone in on some of the most popular and effective giveaways. Whether you’re planning a charitable event, promotional campaign or donor appreciation activity, these four merchandise ideas are bound to have a big impact, without a big budget.

The Best Charity Merchandise for Giveaway Campaigns

Button Badges: Popular, Visible and Speedy

One of the most popular giveaway items we make for our charity clients are custom button badges. Badges are incredibly popular as both a trendy fashion accessory and a fun and visible way to make a statement about the things we care about. Take a look around – you’ll likely see people young and old sporting button badges from charities on their clothing, hats and backpacks. 

In addition to their popularity, button badges get noticed, which means that recipients will extend the visibility of your charity every time they wear it. They’re also incredibly cost-effective with a high perceived value. We can design button badges in exquisite colour and detail to serve as an accurate (and eye-catching) replica of your charity brand; often, the more artistic, funny or creative a button badge is, the more likely your supporters are to want one. 

Button badges can also be produced incredibly quickly. Do you have a swiftly approaching charity event? Did you decide on a campaign giveaway at the last minute? No problem! Button badges are made right here in the UK and can be designed, created and shipped in minimal time. The lead time is just five short days from the time of art approval. Lastly, these tiny collectables are also versatile for any event or campaign. They’re great in goodie bags, as giveaways at an event booth, and, because of their flat shape and light weight, they’re also great for mailers.

Keyrings: A Helpful Way to Share your Message

Charity keyrings are another low-cost option that ensures your message gets around. Keyrings can be designed in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, including enamel, plastic and rubber. Keyrings in general are a great option for donor appreciation gifts as well as promotional giveaways, as they tend to be low-cost, whilst having a high perceived value. 

One popular option is the 12-sided trolley coin keyring, which is a brilliant way to get your charity message into the hands of your supporters. It’s functional and stylish, which means your supporters will actually use it. Often these are attached to keys, so your charity message will be viewed even if the recipient seldom uses the coin. And who knows – the gift might also encourage a feeling of goodwill toward your charity since you’re saving the recipient time and hassle every time they visit the market, store, office or gym. 

We plate all of our trolley coin keyrings in nickel for long-lasting lustre and durability. Even with their small stature, you don’t have to sacrifice space for design. Keyrings can be made with up to four colours of enamel or a full-colour decal print. Does your charity reach outside of the UK? We can also help you create Euro token keyrings to ensure a highly useful giveaway for your international supporters. 

Wristbands: Stylish Merchandise for People of All Ages

Another good option for your giveaway is a charity silicon wristband. You’ve likely seen others wearing these bright, iconic bracelets from other campaigns. They’ve been a popular staple for charities since the 1980s; while they were made popular by the yellow Livestrong bracelet, countless charities have used them as a successful component of their marketing strategy ever since. Many organisations will sell these online, at charity shops or in popular retail locations for £1, with the proceeds going toward the charity. However, they also make great giveaways due to their low production cost and unwavering popularity.

As with the other items, charity wristbands are very versatile and come in a variety of colours and styles. They’re popular among both children and adults and offer a bold, bright and fun way to raise the visibility of your charity. Charity wristbands are a perfect treasure to place in fun run event bags, mailers and to incorporate into a wide range of other promotional campaigns as both a for-sale or giveaway item. And, for something a bit different, take a look at our charity fundraising bracelets, which are made out of colourful fabric adorned with two silver or black beads.

Charity Bags for Life

Last but not least, another popular merchandise idea is a reusable charity “bag for life”. High-quality, durable bags can be a bit more expensive than button badges, keyrings and bracelets, and thus would be a great option for your next charity contest in which you give away a limited number of prizes to contest participants. 

For example, you could host a contest at an event booth and ask people to drop a business card in a bowl to receive one of 100 bags; or send a bag to the first 100 people who engage with one of your social media posts. Reusable bags would also make a great donor appreciation gift. In both cases, you can fill each bag with other special giveaways or additional materials about your charity, like brochures, rolled-up posters and postcards. 

A great choice is this foldable charity bag. It’s lightweight yet strong and durable and offers a large print area for your clever charity message or image. This bag even folds up to fit in a pocket or handbag; talk about the ultimate portable giveaway item for all of your upcoming events and campaigns!

One more benefit of charity bags for life is that they’re environmentally friendly and help reduce the waste and pollution caused by disposable single-use bags. Whether or not your charity has an environmental focus, your supporters will appreciate a gift that helps them do their part to protect our planet in a small but meaningful way. 

We hope this post helps you choose the perfect merchandise for your next charity giveaway. If you need help coming up with a design or picking a product, our team is here to help. We can work with you to come up with a truly unique design for any giveaway, from buttons to bags – always free of charge!

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