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Raising Awareness of Nut Allergies for Amy May

17 April, 2019

The Amy May Trust is a powerful example of how a tragic incident can help others in unimaginable ways. At Rocket Charities, we are honoured to support the work of this important trust as it raises money to support a very special person while bringing awareness and understanding to countless others around the world. In this spotlight, we introduce you to The Amy May Trust and how you or your charity can help support their mission.

About Amy May Shead

Her entire life, Amy May Shead followed a rigorous nut-free diet to protect herself from a serious nut allergy. In 2014, on a weekend break in Budapest with friends, Amy ordered food from a restaurant and was assured many times it contained no nut products, after taking one bite she suffered a catastrophic anaphylactic shock and suffered a cardiac arrest. Two epi-pens were used to no avail. She was then rushed to Peterfy Hospital in Budapest and immediately put into an induced coma.

Amy had sustained a severe brain injury due to lack of oxygen, her brain had been starved for six minutes, and her life was being maintained by a life support machine.After three weeks in ICU in Hungary, she then spent 2 years English hospitals, and three years in the care system.  Read Amy’s story here.

Amy May Shead

The Amy May Trust

Since 2014, Amy’s tragedy has grown into something positive, impacting the lives of countless others in the UK and around the world. Following Amy’s harrowing incident, Julie and Tom Martin, family members, formed the Amy May Trust to support her recovery while raising awareness of the seriousness of nut allergies.

Through the Trust, Amy’s family and supporters are raising awareness of nut allergies in the hopes they can prevent this from happening to someone else. The Trust educates people around the seriousness of the allergy and the consequences of severe anaphylactic shock. The Trust raises money to provide therapy for Amy to improve her comfort, enjoyment and quality of life. It seeks one-off donations on its website and also sells specialised merchandise to bring in money and raise the visibility of the issue.

Raising Money through Merchandise

In addition to donations, one effective way the Amy May Trust is raising money to support Amy is through the sale of bespoke merchandise. The Trust aims to redefine how people shop for charitable goods with a focus on high-quality products and thoughtful design, and offers items created with care and Amy in mind.

The Trust released a special wristband on its fourth anniversary. The Trust Unisex Enamelled Wristband is sold for £7.50 on the trust’s shop to raise money for Amy. It’s also an informative and understated show of support towards the importance of taking nut allergies seriously. Amy’s bracelet features a solid diecast metal disk with the name of the trust enameled in purple. The reverse shows the hashtag #nutallergiesAREserious. The Amy May Trust recently featured on iTV’s This Morning, where Amy once worked as an online producer.

One-off donations and the sale of wristbands and other merchandise help Amy on her long path of rehabilitation and care.

Get Involved

The Trust encourages people to become a part of the Amy May Trust family through various fundraising activities. While it suggests that people fundraise however they would like, it also offers a few tried-and-tested ways to raise money that are both effective and fun. This includes hosting a dance or tea party or karaoke contest, having a bake sale or sponsoring the trust through a walk, run, cycle or swim challenge.  

Amy’s family is trying to make change. In August 2017, following coverage of Amy’s story, the Trust launched a formal petition to help people with nut allergies travel safer. It calls for airlines to restrict the sale and distribution of nut products on flights, and provides crew with proper training. The petition gained over 150,000 in the first two days,  and has instigated talks within Government on how change can happen. Another way to support Amy is to sign the petition.

The other great way to get involved is to purchase and proudly wear one of Amy’s bracelets. Your purchase goes to an important cause, and you’ll help raise awareness of nut allergies every time you wear it.

We’re honoured to play a small role in supporting the Amy May Trust and the important work they do every day for Amy and others around the world with serious nut allergies. Consider showing your support by donning an Amy May bracelet or joining the conversation online at #NutAllergiesAreSerious.

Together, we can all make a difference!

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