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Put Down the Plastic: 5 Reusable Bottles for Eco-Friendly Fundraising

28 February, 2018

Plastic water bottles are damaging to our environment. The synthetic plastic that they’re made of does not biodegrade, so it accumulates in landfills and contributes to pollution. Further, some of the chemicals used to make the plastic, like BPA, can be hazardous to our health.

Awareness is growing of these harmful effects and people are looking to do their part. Help your supporters “ban the bottle” by offering them durable and attractive re-usable water bottles that help protect the environment while promoting your charitable cause. Customised water bottles are one of the most diverse promotional products available today. Here are five popular types of bottles to consider for your eco-friendly fundraising!

Foldable Water Bottles: For Your On-The-Go Supporters

foldable water bottle

Foldable water bottles are a fun and functional option for your busy, active supporters. These water bottles are easy to fill, empty and fold, making them perfect for use while travelling, commuting, at the gym or just for everyday use. Busy mums, for example, will appreciate having these around, as they can easily be carried in a diaper bag, backpack or handbag.

With travel season around the corner, you might consider a campaign around environmentally-friendly travel items, like the foldable water bottle. At Rocket Charities, our 480 ml foldable water bottles are all made of BPA-free plastic and can come with an aluminum carabiner for easy transportation.

Flip-Top Water Bottles: Appeal to Your Wide Base

flip top water bottle

Looking for an all-around useful water bottle that you can use across multiple campaigns, year after year? Popular flip-top water bottles are a great go-to option for your supporters.

These 800 ml water bottles typically have a screw top lid and drinking straw and are an extremely functional and practical item. Especially with warm weather around the corner, your supporters will appreciate an environmentally-friendly option to take with them to BBQs, boats, festivals, picnics and even the beach!

Sports Bottles: Made Right Here in the UK!

baseline sports bottle

Baseline sports bottles are a great option, especially if your charity is associated with health, wellness or exercise. They’re also a great option for organisations planning a charity fun run or race.

Sports bottles are a perfect giveaway or for-sale option for your participants. You could even co-brand the bottles with other supporting charities and include the name and date of the event, as a keepsake for your dedicated racers. Our sports bottles come in three capacities – 300 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml – to meet your needs and budget, and they’re all made locally in the UK, which your supporters will appreciate. All bottles are BPA-free and many are even available in recycled versions containing post-consumer, food-safe recycled plastics.

Aluminum Bottles: Lightweight, Attractive, and Durable

aluminum bottle

Looking for something sleek and modern to inspire fundraising? Consider a durable and functional aluminum bottle. These bottles differ from more traditional styles with an eye-catching look and modern shape. They feature a secure screw-top lid with a loop design to easily secure it to a bag or carabiner.

While these re-usable metal water bottles have become synonymous with athletes and exercise, today they’re really for anyone who needs to stay hydrated. (In other words, they’re for everyone!) And because of their aluminum construction, they are incredibly durable and sure to stand up to a lot of use from your active donors.

 Infused Water Bottles: A Real Crowd-Pleaser

infused water bottle

We love these infused water bottles! The idea is that people can add fruits, vegetables or herbs to an infuser component to enhance their water flavour. During warm weather, we even see people adding flavoured ice cubes to chill and flavour their water. These infused water bottles are attractive and eye-catching. Your supporters might even get questions from others like, “where did you get that neat water bottle?!”

Your charity supporters might be motivated as much by personal health and wellness as they are about the environment. Show them how your water bottle will provide better flavour with less sugar; most fruit juices contain a lot of hidden sugar and other ingredients. Explain how your charity takes health seriously and sell your customised infused water bottles at fundraising events and charity shops as a way to help your fans drink more water for weight loss, hydration and health.

A 2017 article in the Guardian reports that every minute, one million plastic bottles are bought around the world and this number will jump another 20 percent by 2021! Some campaigners are equating this to an environmental crisis as serious as climate change.

Your supporters will continue to look for ways to do their part as this crisis continues. Help them take the first step with an eco-friendly, re-usable water bottle. It will reduce overall waste in our landfills and, at the same time, it will help you raise the visibility of your important case.

Please get in touch with Rocket Charities today to put your ideas into action to get these great items into the hands of your supporters.

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