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Purposeful Products: 5 Practical Products to Help Increase Awareness

15 February, 2018

When it comes to raising the visibility of your charity, customised merchandise will help you get your message into the hands of your supporters. Selecting highly practical items ensures that people will actually use your merchandise, which means that they’ll be thinking about your charity.

The basic equation is that the more your supporters wear or use your merchandise – the more people will see your charity name and your message.

In this post, we share a few ideas for highly practical promotional items, from classic items like keyrings and reusable bags to creative ideas like air fresheners and bottle openers.  The one thing they all have in common is that they’re all very useful. And that they can be customised to include your charity’s logo, colours or message.

Keyrings: Small but So, So Handy!

trolley keyring

Keyrings are a go-to practical item and a fabulous way to ensure that your charity gets into the right hands, quite literally. Keyrings are highly useful – who doesn’t need a colourful and feel-good ring to help organise their many keys – and they offer tremendous daily exposure for your charity. Keyrings can be made in a number of materials and styles at a surprisingly low cost with a high donation opportunity.

For extra utility and function, consider the practical trolley coin keyring. These high-impact items are a great way for your charity name to be seen on a daily basis by a wide range of commuters and shoppers. Your supporters will love this product because it’s so handy– it saves them the time of searching for a pound coin every time they’re on the go. As a bonus, we can put your trolley keyring on an easy-to-use trigger clip fitting, which your supporters will also appreciate. Feeling creative? Check out our selection of alternative keyrings and think about a unique shape and design to help tell your charity’s story.

Fridge Magnets

fridge magnets

Don’t rule out a well-designed fridge magnet! These brilliant, cost-effective and highly visible items can be a powerful delivery vehicle for your charity’s message. (Psssst… want to know the single biggest secret to a great fridge magnet? Make it something that people will really want to see or use!) Think about compelling pictures of people, babies, nature or animals and consider a pleasing use of colour, design and font.

We know this secret well at Rocket Charities – which is why we endeavour to make all of our magnets not only visually pleasing, but also useful, such as a photo frame or memo holder. Fridge magnets are a personal, useful and are always there to get in front of people and inspire interest in your cause.

Bags Are Useful and Environmentally Friendly
reusable bags

Reusable bags are another popular and practical option. Your supporters will carry your charity message with them while shopping at the grocery store, running errands or while travelling.  Reusable bags are an especially smart product if your charity has a “green” focus. Supporters will appreciate your product because it reduces plastic waste and is stylish, functional and environmentally friendly. In general, bespoke bags are durable and offer a low cost for a large print area for your clever and compelling messaging.

With an entire range of bag options, you will find one that fits your budget. Popular options include low-cost, lightweight (yet strong!) canvas bags; fashionable and attractive foldable bags; and bespoke biodegradable jute bags. You can get creative about how you’ll use your bags to drive donations. For example, you could sell them on your charity website or use them as raffle prizes or giveaways at a fundraising event. Try filling each bag with other merchandise or printed materials about your charity, like your annual report or a brochure.

Bottle Openers: Picnics Are Around the Corner

The next time your supporter needs to open a bottle or a can, why not have them associate this with your charity? Bottle openers are a very practical item, especially now that summer barbeques and picnics are around the corner. With a wide array of styles, you can get quite creative with your design, too. Bottle openers can be classic, standalone items or they can be used as a keyring. We offer bottle openers in the shape of musical instruments, animals or with an LED light. We even have a fantastic little bottle opener shaped like an SOS buoy!

Buoy Bottle Opener

Air Fresheners: Because Smell is Practical and Powerful

air fresheners

Air fresheners are low-cost, lightweight and very practical. We’d venture to say that while people don’t necessarily need them, once they have them, they wouldn’t have it any other way! Think about this: a pleasant smell can evoke positive emotions or memories. When air fresheners showcase your charity, your supporters will associate these pleasant smells with your important cause.

Air fresheners can be given away as gifts or sold alongside other branded merchandise from your charity website. They can even be sold at checkout counters for a small donation. To finish off your product, consider adding a header card and printed packaging. At Rocket Charities, we can put all this together in branded display boxes so they are ready to use as soon as you receive them!

We know you care about important causes, and so do we. Our products are ethically produced and manufactured. We provide a range of merchandise that is made from eco-friendly materials and we closely follow the Modern Slavery Act to avoid any use of forced labor in our production process. This means that you and your supporters can feel good about your products. So, this year, think about putting your charity name on practical products that your supporters will use day after day. Get purposeful!

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