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Pick up the Beach and Your Fundraising: 5 Eco-Friendly Products to Help Beat Plastic Pollution

19 September, 2019

Mark your calendar: This weekend is the annual Great British Beach Clean from the Marine Conservation Society, a campaign to help tackle the immense amount of plastic trash that washes up on beaches and puts marine life at risk. To date, volunteers have collected 319 tonnes of beach litter. 

For your charity, campaigns like the Beach Clean are an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the cause and to engage new like-minded supporters.  This weekend, why not highlight a new range of environmentally-friendly products that will appeal to beach cleaners and everyone that cares about our planet? By making a conscious and creative choice with your products, you’ll not only raise funds for your charity, but you’ll also help protect our oceans and marine life. In this post, we highlight five clever merchandise options to add to your fundraising toolkit during the Great British Beach Clean and every day. 

Five Ocean-Friendly Fundraising Products to Beat Plastic Pollution

Newchurch Tote: The Bag That Keeps on Giving

Our first suggestion is the Newchurch Tote. We like to think of it as the bag that keeps on giving. Through a unique collaboration, five percent of the cost of each tote sold is donated to Plastic Oceans, a UK-charity working to end plastic pollution. This fact alone is sure to appeal to people involved with the Great British Beach Clean. 

And, if that’s not enough to sway your supporters, consider this: It’s just a really great, eco-friendly bag! It’s made completely of recycled materials, including 70 percent cotton cut-offs (waste) and 30 percent recycled PET from plastic bottles. It’s soft, sturdy, functional, trendy – the perfect canvas for your charity logo or message.

Collapsible Silicone Bottles: A Smarter Choice Than Plastic 

Another popular merchandise option is a reusable water bottle – 14 percent of all litter is from beverage containers. Help tackle the problem by giving your supporters an option to swap out disposable plastic bottles for a durable and reusable water bottle. Our 800 ml, BPA-free silicone Collapsible Hourglass Bottle is a perfect choice. 

Silicone, which is made from silica in sand, is highly durable and more ocean-friendly than plastic. Plastic tends to scratch or break sooner than silicone alternatives – shifting to silicone-based products will help your supporters reduce their plastic dependence and the amount that ends up in our water. These bottles are not only eco-friendly and useful, they’re also eye-catching. They’re lightweight and collapsible for your on-the-go supporters, and the perfect product for your next charity event or challenge. 

Ecoffee Cup®:  Because There’s No Excuse for Disposable Cups

Plastic single-use paper cups have been around for 30 years, and over 3 trillion of them end up in landfills. It’s one anniversary not really worth celebrating. A better way to observe this history is to offer a smart alternative to the disposable cups that wind up in our oceans. 

Consider the 8 oz Ecoffee Cup®. It’s made from fast-growing, sustainable natural fibres, cornstarch and resin (M-F), and is BPA, BPS and phthalate-free. Your supporters will enjoy sipping from it for years to come – it can handle hot liquids, has a no-drip lid and is dishwasher safe (and has no plastic after-taste!) It’s also striking and comes in a range of vibrant colours, making it the perfect high-visibility choice for your charity logo or message.

Reusable Lunchbox: Do Picnics and Office Lunches the Right Way

Packing a lunch for the office or a picnic is pleasurable. Using plastic food containers and cutlery is not. Litter from plastic takeout orders is a major contributor to the 269,00 tonnes of plastic pollution in our oceans. As an eco-friendly alternative, we offer this lovely reusable lunchbox that comes with a matching fork and knife affixed under an elastic band. You can add your charity logo for the perfect, high-visibility mealtime exposure. 

Not only is the lunchbox a great and useful product, it’s also timely. The European parliament recently voted to ban single-use plastic cutlery and other products, beginning in 2021. Offer your supporters a way to do their part and make the shift with durable alternatives to plastic food and drink products. 

Foldable Cotton Shopper: For Your On-The-Go Supporters

Lastly, a foldable cotton shopper is a great gift for your busy supporters. It’s made from 100 percent natural cotton and stands up over time, so they can ditch the single-use bags and stow the tote away in their car or purse for an always-there option. On top of that, the large surface area (150 x 100 mm) affords plenty of space for your charity logo or message.

We hope this inspires you to add a few eco-friendly merchandise options to your fundraising strategy. After all, your supporters want it – one survey of US and UK consumers shows that a whopping 96 percent felt their own actions, including buying ethically, makes a difference. Help them help our planet with these or a number of other environmentally friendly alternatives to daily products. It’s the right thing to do! 

We hope to see you at the Great British Beach Clean this weekend. Here’s a list of local events to find a clean-up near you.



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