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Movember: The Evolution of the Moustache Badge

19 November, 2020

Movember, the leading global organisation dedicated to changing the face of men’s health, is helping to prevent men from dying too young by raising awareness and funds for men’s health issues.

On average, men are dying 6 years earlier than women. This is down to reasons such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide – all of which can be prevented. Movember helps to tackle this by funding men’s health projects around the world. For example, the organisation’s Global Action Plan initiative, which allows leading researchers to collaborate and address the big questions on prostate cancer and testicular cancer. It is through campaigns like this one, and others, which focus on prostate and testicular cancer research, mental health and suicide, that Movember is making a difference, helping them to achieve their aim of reducing premature death by 25% before 2030.

Movember is a brilliant example for getting the most out of fundraising merchandise. The charity has a wide catalogue of badges, clothing and other branded products that allow them to reap every benefit possible from charity merchandise. They use their badges in a variety of ways, with some used to raise funds, given in reward for fundraising efforts and raising awareness and showing support (similar to how Dementia Friend use their badges, check out that blog post here).

The idea of developing a badge range may seem like a huge project to take on at first, however, Movember’s success makes it evident that taking the time to develop a variety of options, suitable for different target audiences, can have huge results. Check out the evolution of the organisation’s badge range below to see how they were able to develop such a variety of options.

The Evolution

Rated Barber Pin Badge – October 2017

Movember created their first badge as part of their Rated Barber Campaign, one of the charity’s largest global initiatives. The aim is to create a global community of barbers, who are given the resources and tools to help them get the most out of the barber chair conversations, changing the stigmas that come alongside discussing men’s mental health. Barber’s received the badge when they signed up to the initiative and through wearing it, they increased the exposure of the campaign and encouraged other barbers and customers to sign up and get involved.

Movember 100 Club – November 2017

The Movember 100 Club campaign, to celebrate Movember’s 10-year anniversary, consists of 100 companies who all have the challenge of raising £10,000. Once again, this badge was used to represent participation in the challenge but also raised awareness of the campaign within the corporate world, encouraging future participants.

L’Oréal Collaboration – May 2018

The bright orange badge of the moustache logo was made in collaboration with one of their partners, L’Oréal Men Expert. The badge was made to promote both Movember and the Men Expert toiletries range and was so successful, it is still continually used.

VCR Badge – Black, Blue, Red, Chequered, Raised and Recessed – August 2018

The Veterans Car run became an official partner of Movember in 2018. In celebration of this partnership, five new badge designs were created and sold as merchandise for the event. This provided a huge opportunity for Movember to target a new audience and created another source of income for the charity.

Distinguished Gentlemen Fundraising Recognition Awards and Ride Host – October 2018

The annual Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a fundraising event for niche motorcycle enthusiasts and their communities, to come together and raise money for men’s health charities, like Movember. Participants are encouraged to raise as much money as possible with prizes rewarding these efforts, which include bronze, silver and gold badges for the top fundraisers per race. Ride hosts, who organise rides near them, are also celebrated by having their very own badge. The ‘tools of a gentleman’ badge are sold at each event to raise funds.

Black Moustache badge – October 2018

The black enamel badge of their world-famous logo is used in a variety of ways. It can be used to raise funds at events, raise awareness and show support.

Harlequins Foundation Badge – January 2019

Movember and the Harlequins Foundation became official partners in 2018, after their contribution to Movember’s Man of More Words campaign. The badge design incorporates the iconic Harlequin cheques with the Movember ‘tash, creating a whole new badge. This badge was sold to raise funds and awareness for both charities and was so successful, they have continued to sell this badge to date.

Business Club Badge 2018 – Start of January 2019

Movember Business Club is a challenge for businesses who want to get involved and raise funds. Upon signing up to the campaign, companies receive this badge alongside exclusive access to fundraising events and men’s health sessions, as well as entry into competitions in which they can receive prizes and rewards. Like the ‘Movember 100 Club’ badge, the Business Club badge increases the exposure of the campaign within the corporate audience, encouraging other companies to get involved.

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2019- June 2019

Movember updated their Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride badges, bringing out whole new designs for 2019.

Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix Special edition badge – June 2019

Last year, Movember partnered with the organisers of the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2019. This badge was created in celebration of this collaboration and was a huge opportunity for Movember to gain televised exposure of their campaign by Grand Prix viewers.

Distinguished Gentleman Badge – September 2019

In September, another badge was added to the Distinguished Gentleman collection. This badge is sold at events and on their online shop to raise money for Movember.

Iconic Mo Range – September 2019

The next range of moustache badges released were used to raise support and awareness for the ‘Worn with Pride Campaign’. In this range, there is the classic moustache in both white and black, an American flag moustache, a ‘Mo Sister’ badge for women supporters, a green moustache to represent mental health and a rainbow badge to represent pride. By increasing the amount of designs in their range, they can give a much wider range of people the opportunity to show their support.

Twitch Event – September 2019

Movember’s purple ‘tash, made for the e-sports awards. Coloured purple to represent ‘twitch’, a video live streaming service in which users can record their game play, they are able to reach a whole new target audience.

Fundraising in 2020

2020 has come with a whole new set of challenges for the charity sector to overcome. Movember has adjusted their campaign by focusing on Virtual Events. For example, encouraging fundraisers to move for Movember, allowing people to get involved whilst following government guidelines. They even have some celebrity partnerships, including The Vamps!

As evident above, Movember has successfully created a plethora of badges, which are targeted to a huge range of people – from Veteran Car Race attendees to Twitch users. This has given the charity the opportunity to raise awareness of their initiatives to individuals and corporate companies, all of which could be future fundraisers and partners. The badges are given as incentives to join initiatives like the Rated Barber campaign; as rewards for fundraising efforts, like the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and sold at events to raise funds, meaning they are able to reap every benefit possible out of their fundraising efforts! To find out more lessons you can learn from Movember’s fundraising campaigns, check out that blog post here.

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