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3 Creative Ways to Thank your Supporters

8 January, 2019

Charities like yours rely on support and generosity from individuals, groups and corporates. Every charity also knows how important it is to show thanks and gratitude to these supporters. Doing so can help you establish a long-term relationship with your donors for continued involvement. However, saying thank you doesn’t require lavish gifts or lots of money. Charities today are breaking out of the box to say thank you to supporters in more meaningful and memorable ways. In this post, we share three creative ways that you can give thanks to your supporters as we end 2018 and start a new year.

Give your supporters a (public) shout-out!

Your charity website is the perfect platform to show appreciation for your supporters. Create a page on your site where you can feature your donors and thank them publicly for their involvement. You can enhance the page with photos, videos and quotes. One example is Macmillan Cancer Support, which showcases pictures and stories of donors, many of whom are celebrities.



Another creative platform to thank supporters is in your annual report or with a profile on your blog. For example, a UK Fundraising article highlights an annual report that the author feels is unique and striking because the charity itself remains largely invisible. Instead, the short and colourful report focuses on stories from the donors, thanking them by name and connecting their donations to the impact it’s had on the beneficiaries.

Welcome them aboard!

The moment a new donor enters your space is a special one. Of all the charities and ways to make a difference, this person or company has chosen your cause to get involved with. And that’s a moment worth honoring! Say thank you to all of your first-time supporters, no matter how much they donate, with a special “donor welcome pack”. We suggest creating a custom tote bag that showcases the name and logo of your charity. It can be filled with helpful materials that show your impact, like brochures and annual reports, as well as other branded merchandise like fridge magnets or wearables like badges and wristbands. Wearables are always a great choice as your donors will help extend the visibility of your charity every time they wear your badge or carry your bag while out and about.  

Here’s a versatile cotton tote bag that would make a lovely and durable donor welcome pack. It’s low-cost and offers a large print area for maximum exposure. And, it’s ethically produced which should make your supporters happy as well!

Say thank you.

The last tip is obvious but effective: send a simple thank you letter. The gesture will go a long way. Why not enhance it by including a custom charity badge, fridge magnet or wristband with the letter? All of these items are lightweight and easy to send in the mail inside of an envelope. One suggestion is to order a large quantity of these items so you have them ready to send the moment you receive a donation. A quick and special response will demonstrate to supporters that your charity is attentive, thoughtful and organised.

Another idea to get a little more mileage from your new donor welcome pack is to create an “upgraded” version to say thank you to repeat, VIP or long-term supporters. Consider adding a little extra something special for this group; perhaps a unique glitter and stone set badge or a premium quality charity award badge, which can be finished in a range of platings including gold, silver and bronze. Don’t forget the special backing card or presentation box!

We hope this post helps you think creatively about how to thank your supporters. If you haven’t already done so, the end of the year or the start of 2019 is a great time to reach out and show your gratitude. It’s also an opportunity to remind people why your charity matters in the hopes of continued involvement. What other thank you gestures have worked for your charity? We’d love to hear more and maybe even feature it in a blog post! Please get in touch with us today to talk about all the ways we can make saying “thank you” special.  


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