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How to Garner Support through Charity Wedding Favours

Wedding season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to start considering charity wedding favours! As we head into summer, many couples are in the midst of planning for their special day. Also contributing to wedding fever is the recent marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. With weddings on so many people’s minds, why not tap into this moment to drive donations and build awareness of your charity?

One proven way to do this is through customised charity wedding favours. Offer your supporters a charitable version of popular wedding items like place cards, charity wedding favours, gift bags and donation boxes. Doing so helps your supporters plan a meaningful wedding, while at the same time raising money for your charity. This post will look at some of the creative ways that different charities are driving donations through feel-good wedding charity favours. We hope it inspires your charity to do the same!

Beautifully Crafted Charity Place Cards

A common wedding tradition is to set place cards on tables so guests know where to sit. Your supporters may want to create unique charity place cards to let all of their guests know what they care about. You can even include a branded pin badge on each place card as a little keepsake for all of the wedding or party guests. Place cards can be customised in a range of colours to match the theme of the wedding and guests’ names can be hand-written or printed onto each card. Here’s an example we did for Marie Curie.

marie curie wedding favour

Charitable Wedding Favours

Another popular wedding trend is for the bridge and groom to provide small gifts or charity wedding favours to some or all guests. Often these are sweets and small treats. This wedding season, give your supporters an alternative to common, sugary wedding favours with something their guests will truly remember. For example, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children created an entire line of charity wedding gifts and favours that it sells on its website. Here’s a beautiful, memorable NSPCC dove pin badge. These lovely little gifts could be placed on every guest’s plate setting.

NSPCC wedding favour

Here’s another example from the Alzheimer’s Society. This eye-catching, sparkling blue Forget-Me-Not enamel pin badge is a replica of the charity’s logo and it makes a lovely wedding favour for guests. The Alzheimer’s Society also offers individual packaging and a customised backing card that highlights the bride and groom’s support for the charity as part of their special day. It certainly makes a beautiful, strong statement.

alzheimer's society wedding favour

Wedding Favour Bags

Favour bags are a popular item at weddings today. Brides and grooms can pick small, delicate bags to fill with sweets or other small items and gift these to some or all of their wedding guests. Why not let your supporters tie their wedding favour bags to your charity for a more memorable and meaningful gift bag? The Alzheimer’s Society offers this beautiful organza wedding favour bag. Brides and grooms can purchase and fill it with their own sweets or gifts.

wedding favour bags

Another creative idea is to personalise these bags for your supporters, as an added touch. For example, the organza bag above comes with an inscription on one side that reads, “We have contributed to Alzheimer’s Society as part of our special day.”

Wedding Donation Boxes

A more recent trend we see at weddings is to display a charitable donation box to help collect money from wedding guests. Often these boxes are placed on a large table next to wedding favours. Many brides and grooms are passionate about certain causes, and they view their wedding as a celebratory opportunity to do their part to raise money for important charities. This is good news for your charity! Give your supporters a way to incorporate this into their big day by offering custom donation boxes. Here’s a lovely example from NSPCC.

wedding favour box

This wedding season, help your supporters plan for the most memorable and meaningful wedding. Consider creating wedding-related items for your charity and offer these special items for sale your website to help raise additional funds this summer and beyond. Get in touch with us today before your supporters start saying their “I do’s”!

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