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How to Design a Fundraising Badge Supporters Will Love

1 May, 2018

Season after season, fundraising badges continue to be one of the most popular merchandise products for charities because of their low cost and high return. Badges are popular among a wide range of people; a well-designed badge can go a long way to meet your campaign or fundraising goals. You may have a limited budget for merchandise or need a customised item quickly – a fundraising badge is the perfect choice! Whether you’re looking to design a badge as part of a special collection or for limited campaign use, we share our best practices for creating a charity badge that your supporters will love to wear.

Selecting the Right Badge

The first step is to decide what type of badge will work best for your charity. A good place to start is to ask yourself: how will my charity use the badge?

Do you intend to provide your badges as giveaways? Are you on a very tight budget? Button badges are a great choice in these cases. These popular badges are low-cost, yet high impact, and can be manufactured in a week if necessary!

Or maybe you’re planning a retail or fundraising campaign? In this case, our fundraising badges are an ideal option because of their low-cost and versatility. These “soft” enamel badges are made from iron material and filled with enamel that’s Pantone colour-matched to your chosen colours. These badges can be completely customised to suit your campaign perfectly.

Looking for something playful and fun? Soft rubberised PVC badges are an ideal option for kids’ charities or playful campaigns. These badges can be cut to any shape, so they’re a perfect canvas for characters or logos and add a bit of vibrancy to any campaign.

rubber badge

We offer an almost limitless variety of badges – so no matter why type of campaign you’re planning, we can help you determine the best type of badge for your needs.

Get Creative with Shapes

When it comes to badge shapes – don’t be afraid to get creative! What is the focus of your charity? Who do you serve? The shape of your badge can really play up the story of your charity. For example, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) created a series of adorable (and very collectable) pin badges in the shape of the animals it serves. The charity sells these items on its website to raise funds.

Perfectly Present your Badges

Now that you’ve decided on the badge you want for your campaign, why not consider adding a backing card or specially designed packaging to really finish it off? Customised packaging options are a great way to share your charity message with supporters and provide them with more detailed information about your cause. It may even inspire more donations. Will you be selling your badges to raise money for your charity? Adding a backing card can increase badge sales by up to 25 percent!

The Design Process

After you’ve selected your badge, it’s time to move onto design. There’s a lot of factors that go into ensuring that your charity’s badge is the best possible rendition of your important charity brand. At Rocket Charities, our always-free consultation and design service will help you ensure this is done properly. This includes the use of your charity name, logo, colour, font and design. In general, we try to make the process as speedy and easy as possible for your charity. Here’s a quick idea of how it will go:

  • We’ll meet up or call you to discuss your creative ideas, goals and budget.
  • We produce the designs.
  • You choose the design you like!
  • We supply you with a quotation for your chosen items and designs.
  • You can then place your order.
  • A pre-production sample is produced.
  • Once you’re happy, we ethically manufacture and then deliver your goods. You put the items to work!

Follow these four simple suggestions to create the perfect badge for your budget. As a bonus, at Rocket Charities, not only do we ensure that your badges are expertly crafted, but we also know your audience. We can help you make sure your items are appropriately aimed at your target supporters to really enhance your campaign. Get in touch with us today to get started on the perfect badge for your next campaign.

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