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How to Choose the Perfect Charity Badge for your Campaign

14 December, 2018

There’s a reason why charity badges are one of our most popular merchandising items! Charity badges are practical, popular, cost-effective and highly versatile. No matter your campaign or charity, there’s a perfect badge out there to help you meet your goals this year and beyond. In this post, we showcase some of our most popular badge types and to help you choose the right one for your next campaign.

Fundraising Badges: Our Number One Best Seller!

While our fundraising badges make the perfect product because of their low cost to manufacture, they also have a significant donation potential because of their high perceived value. You might have heard of fundraising badges referred to as “soft enamel badges”, either from us or from other badge manufacturers. They’re the same thing! And don’t let the name “soft” fool you. These badges make use of raised metal lines and recessed enamel, which makes them feel almost bumpy to the touch. Despite their name, soft enamel badges are still hard and offer a precise and polished look. 

Fundraising badges are entirely versatile. We’ve had clients use these for giveaways, at charitable races, as part of large-scale campaigns and even for things like weddings and retail or point of sale campaigns. With the holidays around the corner, now is a great time to reach out to your supporters for donations – fundraising badges can play a key part of your strategy. Here’s an example of a set of holiday-inspired fundraising badges we created for Clic Sargent that the charity sold to raise money.

Premium Quality Badges: Hard Enamel Badges Offer the Best in Durability

Just as popular as our fundraising badges are our premium quality badges. These are also referred to as “hard enamel badges”, and are made with a flat design in which the enamel is layered up and then polished back to the same level for a flat, smooth surface. The result is long-term durability with a polished look and feel. That’s why these are such a great choice for a direct mail or commemorative campaign – premium quality badges will stand up to being sent in the mail and make a great lifelong keepsake.

Premium quality badges are also known for their refined accuracy in design – each badge is made to order with expert Pantone matching to ensure an exact replica of your charity logo or campaign branding.  If you’re looking for special, long-lasting collectable badge sets, service awards and jewelry-quality brooches for your campaign, this is a stellar option for your charity!

Die-Cast Charity Badges: Multi-Dimensional Badges are in High Demand

Die-cast charity badges are tactile, fun and popular. This is a perfect choice for your charity if you need an item that has a three-dimensional finish and high-quality reproduction – or are looking for a little something extra over soft or hard enamel badges.

The dimensional effect has exceptional detailing, so get creative about how a 3D badge might help you tell your story or raise money, especially at retail or point of sale locations where people can pick up, hold and feel the badge in their hands. For example, we’re honoured to work with the National Trust, Britain’s oldest charity, to create a series of three-dimensional die-cast badges of essential landmarks. The badges are a great way to let visitors to each site bring a piece of heritage home with them, and to raise money for the National Trust!


Soft PVC Rubber Badges: A Vibrant, Youthful Option for All

Our soft PVC rubber badges are about as fun and colourful as you can get. These playful badges can be made in 2D and 3D designs, with perfectly matched vibrant Pantone colours for an exact replica of your youthful logo or message. And not only do soft PVC rubber badges capture attention, but they feel good – the soft PVC makes them wonderfully smooth and tactile. These would be a great choice for fundraising sales, counter collection points and giveaways. For example, we love this adorable bee badge example from the Honeypot Children’s Charity. Wouldn’t you want to pick this up at a store or table and take it home with you?

Charity Button Badges: Low Cost and Oh So Speedy

Charity button badges are low-cost yet high impact and have become the go-to item amongst charities for giveaways and small budgets. Today’s button badges come in a range of sizes and print options and super-fast production times. We make ours right here in the UK and can deliver them in a week if needed! And here’s a fun bit of trivia: Did you know that button badges were originally made popular by birthday greeting cards? It’s true!

We hope this gives you some ideas for charity badges for your next campaign. Not seeing the right item? Please get in touch us with our experts today and tell us more about your campaign or budget restrictions. We’ll help you identify the perfect product to meet your goals, from gaining more exposure for your cause to raising more money for your charity.

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