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How the National Trust Protects English Heritage with Pin Badges

20 March, 2019

The National Trust is one of the leading conservation organisations in the UK and looks after the places people love, from houses, buildings and gardens to coasts and countryside. The charity currently owns more than 350 heritage properties and aims to restore, protect and open up these special places to everyone. Which is no small task! In fact, the cost of caring for these properties was £107.1 million in 2015 and 2016. As such, the charity relies on support from members, donors and volunteers as well as income from grants and commercial activities. Did you know that one of these activities is creative, commemorative pin badges?  In this post, we highlight how the National Trust is using these special badges to raise funds for everything from moated manors to grey seal pups.

Oxburgh Hall

First up is Oxburgh Hall, a 15th century moated manor with a rich and turbulent history. The hall was built by the Bedingfeld family in 1482 as a display of power and prestige, and still remains the family home! However, the commanding hall and stunning gardens (keep your eyes open for otters!) are currently undergoing much-needed restoration work to help restore the beautiful 500-year old medieval home.

To help raise funds for the restoration project and more, we worked with the National Trust to create a beautiful, detailed pin badge featuring a replica of Oxburgh Hall. The high-quality and custom-crafted precious metal badge is unique and durable, perfect as a lifelong souvenir for visitors to the hall.

Anglesey Abbey

Next up is Anglesey Abbey, a Jacobean-style house with gardens and a working windmill. The abbey has an interesting history; at 30 years old, the future Lord Fairhaven began to create his first home by transforming a run-down country house and stark 46-hectare landscape into a scene that would inspire and surprise his visitors.

Today, the showpiece of the abbey is the Dahlia Garden, which features 70 different kinds of dahlias and takes nearly a year to create the display! We worked with National Trust to design a stunning dahlia badge to commemorate the Anglesey Abbey’s annual Dahlia festival. The enamel lapel badge features the “Barbarry Bluebird”,  a purple ball dahlia which can be seen in the garden. The National Trust asks visitors to make a suggested  £1 donation per badge, which it offers for sale at multiple locations in the abbey, including in the restaurant and bookshop. Funds raised from the badge go toward maintenance and upkeep of the house and gardens.

Blakeney Point

Last but not least, is Blakeney Point, a dream destination for lovers of wildlife. Blakeney Point is a four-mile long spit located within Blakeney Harbour in the Blakeney National Nature Reserve. It provides protection for the surrounding saltmarshes and is a perfect habitat for wildlife, including terns and grey seals.  

We were honoured to partner with the National Trust to design and create cute enamel pin badges that feature this spectacular wildlife. These pin badges are used to raise funds to help conserve areas of Blakeney Point and improve breeding success. And what a success it was! The nature reserve broke all previous records for new seal pups born in 2018.

From manor restoration projects to record-breaking wildlife conservation efforts, these badges help the National Trust raise additional funds, one pound at a time. With these and all other National Trust badges, the money raised goes directly toward the charity’s mission to keep places special for ever, for everyone.

Do these creative, commemorative pin badges sound like something your charity or organisation could benefit from, too? We’d love to hear more about your mission and goals and see if badges or other customised merchandise would be a good fit to raise awareness and funds. What can we create for you?

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