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Giveaways vs. Fundraising: Aligning Products to Purpose

15 January, 2018

Choosing the right charity promotional product really depends on how you plan to use it and what your goals are. Do you want to build awareness of your charity, or do you want to drive revenue or donations? This post will highlight the differences between giveaways and donations and offer advice on which products to use for all your charitable campaigns.

Tried and True, People Love Giveaways

What is it? Giveaways are items that are typically given away to supporters for free, without requiring a donation.

The goal: With giveaways, the goal is to connect with people to build awareness of your cause. The idea is to engage people who might later become supporters or donors. A giveaway can be a highly effective first step to introduce somebody to your charity and inspire them to develop a longer-term relationship with your cause.

The perfect giveaway: Because no donation is promised, it’s best to go with cost-effective merchandise. It’s also smart practice to pick something that people will want to hang on to. The good news is, there are countless options for low-cost and popular giveaways that feature the name or logo of your charity. Here are a few creative ideas:

Button badges are a popular, low-cost giveaway. Buttons raise awareness because they get noticed – many people wear buttons on coats, backpacks or laptop bags. Some people even collect them. Customised button badges are also speedy! If you have a campaign coming up soon, this is a great choice for your giveaway.

Customised pens are perfect, practical giveaways. Pens are low-cost and have a quick lead time, like button badges. They come in a huge variety of options, so you can design a pen that is just right for your charity. Pens are also very easy to give away in person, like at tabling events, and fit seamlessly into any upcoming charity campaign.

Another clever giveaway is a branded fridge magnet. Fridge magnets are highly functional items that people will put to use in their own homes. And they appeal to a large audience. After all, who doesn’t have a fridge in their home or office? Fridge magnet giveaways are a personal, always-there way to get in front of people and raise awareness of your charity. They’re also flat and easy to send in the mail.

Fundraising Items Don’t Have to Cost You Big

What is it? These are items that people typically pay a certain amount of money for, through purchase or donation.

The goal: The goal with these items is to raise money for your charitable cause. This could be at a particular fundraising event or on a more ongoing basis. With fundraising, you might need to hit certain goals to fund your charity or to complete a specific campaign.

The perfect fundraising merchandise: Because you’re asking people to purchase or make a donation for these items, they should be of high quality. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be high-cost! For example, collectable enamel badges, trolley coin keyrings and charity wristbrands are all low-cost, but high value. Here are a few creative ideas for fundraising:

A customised trolley keyring is a great way for your charity to be seen on a daily basis by a wide range of commuters and shoppers. Your supporters will love this product because it’s so useful. Consider high-quality, nickel-plated trolley coin key rings that showcase the name of your charity on soft enamel, which can be infilled with up to four colours.

Other great fundraising items include branded bags, fridge magnets and air fresheners. With fundraising items, you can get as creative as you want! We can help you create something that you know your donors will want to purchase.

At this point you might be thinking, OK, I want to fundraise! But where do I sell my charitable merchandise? Consider point of sale opportunities at check-out counters with special display boxes, or sell them in person at special events like charity races, galas or fundraising dinners. And, of course, if you have a digital presence, be sure to sell these fundraising items on your charity website and promote them on social media.

Whether you want to build awareness or drive donations, the right merchandise can help you get there. Reach out today to talk about how to turn your ideas into low-cost, high-value items. We’ll help you every step of the way, so that you can instead focus your time and resources on your important mission.

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