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Eco-Friendly Fundraising Ideas to Kick-Start Summer

17 June, 2019

This Friday, 21 June marks the summer solstice, the “official” start of summer and a reason to celebrate! One great way to honour the season is with a renewed focus on eco-friendly or “green” merchandise made from environmentally friendly or recyclable materials. Selecting eco-friendly merchandise over less sustainable, single-use products will help your charity do good for our people and our planet. With so many unique products available, it’s also easy and affordable to find the perfect fundraising merchandise to help your supporters enjoy the summer in style. In this post, we share five ideas to help you kick-start your summer fundraising campaign season for maximum benefit and impact.

Get Outside (and Get Noticed) with a Recycled Flying Disc

For summer fundraising campaigns, look for giveaways or products that encourage people to get outside and get active. Sports equipment and games are a great idea, as they can be enjoyed by families and other large organised groups while camping or at picnics or festivals. For example, we offer these customisable and vibrant flying discs made from 100% recycled plastic – we hear they fly exceptionally well, too! Not only will your supporters enjoy getting outside and playing with their disc, but it will help raise the visibility (figuratively and literally) of your charity every time its used.

Eco-friendly flying disc

Unique, Colourful Coasters Made from Bamboo

Summer is a great time for barbeques and al fresco dining. Why not cater to this popular trend with a unique set of coasters that are made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers in lovely pastel hues? Each set comes in a handy stacking holder that could feature the name or message of your charity or campaign. While the coaster set has a high perceived value, it’s also surprisingly low-cost to design and produce. It would work great as either a giveaway or as an item that you can sell in your shop for supporters to use at their own outdoor celebrations this summer.

Beach Bags Get Used and Seen

Summer is also beach time. Look for eco-friendly merchandise that can be enjoyed on holiday or at the shore or pool, such as customised towels, sunglasses and beach bags or totes. Reusable “bags for life” are an exceptional choice – your supporters will appreciate how handy and versatile they are and bags offer tremendous potential to showcase your charity in busy locations all summer long. Look for bags made from special materials like jute, an eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable natural fiber. We offer this Green & Good York Large Jute Bag (among others) with a degradable lining and cotton rope handles; it also features a nice, large print area for your charity logo or message.

Fight Plastic Straw Waste with an Eco-Tumbler

Keep your supporters cool at your summer fundraising events with an eco-friendly tumbler or water bottle, like this Arlo Glass Tumbler with a cosy, soft-grip sleeve perfect for hot or cold beverages. It also features a bamboo push-on lid with matching straw. Your supporters will appreciate the tumbler as a replacement for harmful single-use plastic cups and straws – a benefit that you can play up in your messaging, too, especially since there is so much attention being paid to plastic straws and drink stirrers right now.  As with reusable bags, customised tumblers, cups or mugs will help raise the visibility of your charity every time it’s used.

Eco-Friendly Options are for Animals, Too!

This summer, don’t forget about your supporters’ furry friends. It’s the perfect time of year to take dogs on longer walks at the beach, park or among the hills. Animal friends are a big part of our culture: nearly half of all UK adults own a pet, a quarter of which are dogs (that’s an estimated 8.9 million pet dogs), according to recent numbers from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals

.Tap into this love and offer your supporters an eco-friendly yet fashionable way to get their dogs outside with the right pet-inspired merchandise. One popular product is this sturdy dog collar made from P.E.T material, meaning it’s made from recycled drink bottles. The collar functions with a plastic catch and slide adjuster and every lead can be screen printed with up to three spot colours to showcase your charity name or message.

Lastly, in addition to doing our part to help the environment, selecting eco-friendly merchandise for your summer fundraising campaign is also a smart business decision for your charity. A recent survey of people in 35 countries found that more than half of respondents favor businesses and organisations that take steps to reduce plastics and improve the environment. The sooner you adopt more eco-friendly practices and merchandise, the better!

We hope this post inspires you to consider eco-friendly products to kick-start your upcoming campaigns. We have so many more products available, too! Please get in touch with us to talk about other options and how the right merchandise can help you make a positive impact on both the environment and your charity this year.

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