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3 Cost-Effective Ways to Build Awareness for your Charity

Many charities, especially small, lean ones, operate with limited resources on tight budgets. At the same time, it’s critical for these charities to build awareness in support of their charities. Does this sound like the situation at your charity? Organisations like yours need to strike the right balance between the competing priorities of managing costs and raising visibility. It may sound like a tricky balancing act, but you are not alone! There are proven and cost-effective tools out there to help you manage both priorities, including the right customised merchandise. In this post, we look at three of the most affordable merchandise items that also pack a big punch.

Charity Badges: Get Noticed

Our first pick is charity badges. Did you know that badges are the UK’s number one fundraising product? It’s not surprising – badges are incredibly low in cost compared with their high donation value and overall visibility. Think about this – every person who purchases a badge from your charity in turn becomes a walking ambassador for your cause when they wear the badge out and about on their hat, backpack or jacket.

And there are so many badge options to meet your needs and your budget. This includes collectable badges, budget-friendly button badges, printed badges, “soft” PVC badges, eye-catching die cast badges and glitter and stone set badges, just to name a few. Your team can get creative with how you’ll leverage your badges, too. We’ve heard some great success stories from clients who have both given badges away at events, as well as sold them via online shops and in collection boxes at point-of-sale retail locations.

If you have a little bigger budget, consider a powerful backing card to complement your badge. The card provides additional real estate for your charity’s messaging or call to action, such as a hashtag for social media. Here’s an example of a crisp, clean backing card and package we did to accompany a gold badge in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Charity badges can be simply adorable, too! We love this little badge we did for Shooting Star Chase, a children’s hospice charity. What a small way to help lift the spirits of children and families struggle with illness.

Charity Wristbands: A Stylish “Wearable”

Our second pick is charity wristbands. Wristbands are a fantastic “wearable” option because of their low cost, high value and fashionable versatility. From classic silicon charity bracelets, like below, to silicon watches to fun and fashionable woven wristbands, you’ll find the perfect type of wristband for your unique supporters.  We’ve seen wristbands used as giveaway items and also in support of awareness months and special events, like charitable races.

Sometimes you need a real special product, we get it! Check out our Alternative Wristbands for some different wristband options that offer something new and fresh to your supporters. One idea is to appeal to your fashionable fans with a trendy woven or fabric charity bracelet. Here’s a fantastic example that we did in support of our friends with SOS Children’s Villages.

Charity Keyrings: A Functional Choice

Last but not least, our third pick is charity keyrings. Handy keyrings are a great way for your charity message to be seen time after time, providing your organisation with huge exposure at a relatively low cost. Keyrings are an especially good choice because they’re highly practical. To make sure yours gets used, make it stand out! We can help you design a large quantity of brilliant, high quality keyrings at a cost that won’t break the bank.

You can select from a range of keyring materials to meet your budget, style and timeframe. If you need something very last-minute for a fast-approaching campaign, one idea is the classic “encapsulated keyring”. An old favourite, this item has been a part of many charitable fundraising campaigns for many years. We hold these in stock which means we can expedite production to get you something right away.

Lastly, consider putting it all together! If you have additional budget or perhaps several campaigns and fundraising goals planned for this year, consider creating an entire kit of charitable merchandise, like this fantastic set we created for Mind, a mental health charity in the UK. You could use your items separately or sell the entire package of cool products as a higher-ticket item or special offer.

Any of these items – badges, wristbands and keyrings – would make a great addition to your marketing mix this year, and one that balances your need to both manage costs and raise visibility. Get in touch with us today to talk about your budget and your goals and what we can make to drive your important cause forward!

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