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Collectable Charity Pin Badges – A Creative Way to Fundraise

At Rocket Charities, we often blog about neat new items that you can design or share tips on how to raise the visibility of your charity through customised products. For example, we’ve written about some of the latest trends in wearables and how to reduce plastic pollution while fundraising. We’ve also shared steps for designing the perfect collectable charity pin badges to build loyalty, drive awareness and establish a long-term fundraising channel. But don’t just take it from us! Sometimes the most helpful information is a good example. In this post, we focus on a few leading charities and show you how each one is getting creative with their own collectable charity pin badges. Learn from your peers and tap into the power of collectable pin badges to help meet your goals this year!

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Pin badges are a tried-and-true way to build awareness while driving fundraising efforts. Your charity could create collectible pin badges inspired by your mission and sell them on your website or at retail locations and special events. One of the leaders in collectable charity pin badges is the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, or RSPB. Perhaps you’ve seen these stunning bird-themed badges yourself:

RSPB collectable pin badges

RSPB started selling badges in 1999 with just a few different designs. Today, it offers more than 250 different designs and produces over 1.5 million badges every year! RSPB sells these at more than 8,000 shops as well as on its eBay site, making badges one of the charity’s main sources of income. According to its website, RSPB raised £570,000 in profit from the scheme in the 2016-17 year, which helped it carry out critical conservation work across the UK. Think about all the good your own charity could accomplish with an additional funding stream from the ongoing sale of collectable badges.

The National Trust

At Rocket Charities, we’re also fortunate and honoured to work with the National Trust, Britain’s oldest charity. We helped a number of National Trust properties create pin badges that reflect the unique and well-known landmarks of Britain. Here’s a few examples of how the charity helps visitors “take a piece of heritage home with them.”

national trust collectable badge

Because each badge represents a special location, the badges don’t really form a true collectable set in the same way that the RSPB pin badges do. However, the badges do give visitors an opportunity to start a collection of their own by taking home a souvenir from each place they visit. In this way, customised pin badges are an entry point to help your charity establish a life-long connection with travelers and holiday-goers.

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, or WWT, is a conservation charity that works to save wetlands and connect people to nature. We helped WWT create a special series of collectable badges inspired by birds and animals. Environmentalists and wildlife enthusiasts are drawn to these badges, and the sale of each and every one helps WWT garner funds for wildlife protection. Here’s some of the beautiful wetlands-themed pin badges we did together.

Collectable charity pin badges don’t necessarily need to be part of a massive or long-term strategy, either. They’re also highly successful when tied to smaller or limited campaigns. For example, we created a special collectable line for the Essex Wildlife Trust. The trust offers over 60 different designs and sells these at donation boxes in visitor centres and other select places, but not online.

Season after season, collectable pin badges continue to be one of the most popular merchandise products for charities because of their potential to generate funds over the long term. They’re also really fun! People of all ages enjoy collecting them, often adorning their backpacks, hats or jackets with their treasured collections.

One tip is to keep rarity in mind when launching your pin badge campaign. RSPB, for example, has produced more than 250 different badges but not all of them are still available. As these rarities do become available again, they’re sold on eBay in special auctions. Consider creating special seasonal or limited-edition badges that can only be purchased at a specific time or place. Your supporters will be especially inspired to get their hands on these rare badges, while they still can.

Do collectable pin badges sound like something that would benefit your charity? Please get in touch with us today to talk about launching your own set.

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