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7 Ways to Raise Funds with Recycled Products

22 November, 2018

It’s not just environmentalists looking to do their part to protect our planet. Today, charities must also demonstrate their care and passion to limit their environmental footprint. Even if your organisation isn’t connected to a climate or environmental cause, supporters increasingly expect organisations like yours to take a proactive stance toward things like reducing plastic pollution in our landfills and water systems. Greater awareness and education are also spurring this positive change, as charities in the UK and around the globe are inspired to make the right choice to protect our fragile planet.

But, how do you get started? One great way to reduce your impact on the planet is by choosing recycled products wherever possible – this includes any promotional merchandise that you use for fundraising. Perhaps the only thing stopping you is that you’re not quite sure which products are recycled and which ones might be the best choice for your charity.

In this post, we share seven cool recycled products for eco-friendly fundraising. You might even be surprised to learn that some of these items are indeed made from recycled materials!

Turbo Flying Disc: Focus on the Fun!

One approach to selecting the right recycled products is to focus on the fun. Look for products that are designed to be enjoyed, indoors or outdoors, by families, children and pets. Offering products that people want to use might help you raise more funds for your charity. The Turbo Flying Disc is a great example. It’s made from recycled plastic and is available in eight standard colours or can be custom coloured (Pantone matching) at no extra cost. It’s a hugely popular item at Rocket Charities; in fact, we’ve heard that its lightweight design flies exceptionally well!

Eco-Slate Keyring: Bonus Benefit for Locally Made Products

In addition to seeking recycled products, look for locally-sourced items that are made in the UK, whenever possible. Opting for local merchandise reduces the carbon footprint because less transportation and fuel is needed to deliver your products to the end user. A great example is the Eco-Slate Keyring, which is made right here in the UK with 100 percent recycled plastic. The dark design lends a modern, polished look that gives it a high perceived value and a relatively low price point for your charity. Talk about a win-win-win!

Brite-Mat Coaster: Be Recycled and Get Noticed

Choosing recycled merchandise doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice colour and visibility. If exposure is your goal, we can help you select and design products that will make people take notice. A popular example is our Brite-Mat Coaster, which is super colourful and made from 100 percent recycled materials. At Rocket Charities, we offer stunning colour reproduction and exact replication to make your charity logo and message really pop. We bring it all together on a low-profile, non-slip base in either a round or square shape. This would be an ideal product for your next fundraising event!


Vent Scent: Smell Sells

Don’t overlook the power of a good scent. People appreciate little touches like air fresheners, which are perfect for homes, offices and automobiles. At Rocket Charities, we offer a Vent Scent product that features a sleek design that affixes to a car air vent and slowly releases a clean, fresh scent. This might be one of the products you’re surprised to learn is made from 100 recycled plastic. We like to think that with this item, you’ll smell good and feel good! It’s also available in eight standard colours and we can custom colour it at no extra cost to you.


MagNote: Think About Delivery

You may sell some of your charitable merchandise at your fundraising events or at point-of-sale retail locations. But what if your campaign involves mailing products to a large number of donors? You’ll want to consider the shape, size and weight of your items and how easily and cost-effectively they can be sent through the mail.

Our MagNote products are the perfect solution. These colourful magnetic notepads are easily sent through the mail, and they’re also incredibly useful. Your supporters can hang them on refrigerators or at their office; they’ll be reminded of your charity every time they take a message or write a list. Our notepads come in a range of shapes and sizes and are all made with 100 percent recycled, chlorine-free, FSC-certified paper.


Eco-Friendly Notebook: A Perfect Gift Package

Similar to the MagNote is our Eco-Friendly Notebook. These lovely and functional little notebooks are made from recycled cardboard and paper and even come with an eco-friendly pen to complete the package. Eco-friendly notebooks make a perfect gift item that you can sell on your charity website or at your next event.


Recycled Fabric Cap: Clothing Appeal

Last but not least is clothing! Appeal to fashion and function with recycled clothing or accessories, like this classic Recycled Fabric Hat. It provides the perfect real estate to broadcast your name and message and will help extend the visibility of your charity every time someone wears it out and about. Our hat is made from 100 percent earth-friendly fabric and comes with a swing tag and label. Hats and other high-quality clothing products also make a perfect option for a higher-ticket item that can be sold in charity shops or online.

We hope this list gave you some ideas for fun, functional and eco-friendly fundraising products. Did any of these recycled items surprise you? Which ones? Do you have other items in mind, like reusable bags, keyrings or even drinking mugs? We’d love to talk about all the eco-friendly options available to you. Please get in touch with us today!

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