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5 Sustainable Shoppers for Eco-Friendly Fundraising

4 July, 2019

Our planet and our people matter to us. Which is why we’re honored when we can help our charity clients design eco-friendly merchandise that protects our environment while helping you achieve your fundraising goals. 

For example, many of us are taking steps to reduce the amount of plastic we use so that less enters our oceans and water systems. Plastic pollution is crippling our ecosystem – more than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. A great contribution is to offer your supporters eco-friendly, reusable bags for life that will help them to cut down on single-use plastic bags. As ethical manufacturers, our goal is to empower you to go green with your fundraising, and reusable bags are a great place to start. In this post, we present five inspired shopping bag options for your next successful green campaign.

1) Choose Jute with a Lynx Shopper

First up is the lovely and biodegradable Lynx Shopper, which is made from “jute” material. Jute is a natural vegetable fiber; the fibers are woven into dense threads to form a durable material. The jute plant is sustainable in that it’s easy to grow and requires only a small amount of water. The result is a soft and low-maintenance material perfect for any number of products, including reusable bags for life, like the Lynx Shopper. It comes with cotton handles, a laminated backing and cotton trim. It’s strong and durable and will stand up to repeated use. It also offers a large print area to showcase your charity logo and message and extend the visibility of your charity campaign for years to come.

For your trend-setting supporters, jute is also a very popular style right now. A home décor website calls jute its favorite natural material. In addition, major retailer Overstock also promotes its jute line of materials for the fiber’s durability, texture, eco-friendliness and versatility. 

2) Support a Local Charity with the Newchurch Tote (New Offering!)

A second option is our recycled Newchurch Tote, the perfect option to promote your cause while taking steps to protect our planet. It’s made completely of recycled materials – 70 percent cotton off-cuts and waste and 30 percent recycled PET from plastic bottles. It’s soft, sturdy and completely eco-friendly. And, if that’s not enough, consider this: 5 percent of the cost of each Newchurch Tote sold will be donated to Plastic Oceans, a UK-charity working to end plastic pollution. 

The Newchurch Tote is so new it’s not even on our site yet! Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in designing one for your next campaign; you’re sure to be an early trend-setter if you do.

3) Green & Good Brixton Bag: Make it a Goodie Bag!

A third option is the fantastic Green & Good Brixton Bag. If you’re seeking a vibrant, eye-catching bag, this is a great choice that comes in seven bright colours. The Brixton bag is made from natural cotton, making them fully reusable and biodegradable.

These bags would be a great choice for a “fundraising goodie bag” of sorts. You can fill each bag with other special giveaway merchandise, like a matching Green & Good Recycled Tyre Coaster (made from 100 percent recycled tyres!) or an Eco Natural Leather Key Ring and gift these to your supporters at your next fundraising event. You could also fill the bags with other special green merchandise, like a Desktop Garden Kit, and sell these bags in person or online to raise additional funds for your charity.

4) The Elmsted Tote is the Perfect Everyday Shopper, on a Budget

Yet another option is our popular Elmsted Budget Tote. This is made from partly recycled non-woven polypropylene, which is lightweight, fully recyclable and water-resistant. Polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer that can easily be melted down and used again to reduce the amount of waste we produce. This one features AZO-free dyes, a base board, side pocket and nice long (60cm) handles to make shopping green and easy for your supporters.

The Elmsted Budget Tote offers you a low-cost and high perceived value, so it’s a perfect choice you’re your last-minute or limited-budget fundraising campaigns. For example, a quantity of 500 totes in a single color would run just £1.70 each.

5) Cranbrook Natural Tote: A Real Show Bag!

Last up is our Cranbrook Natural Tote, which is made from all-natural and environmentally-friendly 10 oz cotton canvas. Are you planning a large fundraising event or hosting a charity booth at an exhibition? This would be an ideal bespoke bag that could be filled with additional information on your charity like brochures, postcards or other eco-friendly merchandise like these great Green & Good pencils made from recycled CD cases.

We hope this post inspires you to consider a green alternative for your next charity fundraising campaign. Reusable bags like these five styles are a perfect choice. People use durable, reusable bags every day which ensures that your bespoke bag will get noticed not only by your recipients but every person they encounter on their next shopping trip or errand. Bags not your thing? No problem! If you’re looking for other options, please peruse
our entire catalog of environmentally-friendly products

We look forward to connecting to talk about all the ways we can help you make your next campaign more environmentally-friendly. Together, we can do our small part to reduce plastic waste, protect our planet, and raise funds for your important work.

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