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4 Reusable Fundraising Ideas to Help Tackle Pollution

As people look to lessen their impact on the environment, there’s many reusable fundraising items available to help supporters reduce waste while raising money for important charities. One of the most popular and effective ways to do this is to offer your supporters reusable alternatives for typically disposable items, such as reusable bags instead of plastic bags or thermal mugs to replace takeaway coffee cups. In this post, we share four high-selling reusable items that will bring in funds while tackling pollution. Now that’s a winning combination for your charity and our environment!

Reusable Water Bottles

Around 13 billion plastic bottles are used every year in the UK, and  just over half end up being recycled. Until we can improve this ratio, reusable water bottles are more important than ever to help curb this waste. Today, even major retailers are looking for ways to pitch in. The Independent reports that one major UK supermarket will replace all clear plastic water bottles with bottles made out of part-recycled material, preventing 350 tonnes of waste every year. At this moment, your charity has the opportunity to do something similar and be seen as a local leader in tackling pollution.

This could begin as simply as promoting a reusable water bottle! Help your supporters cut down on the waste generated by plastic water bottles by offering them a customised reusable version. There are many options available today, from sports bottles to metal or aluminum flasks. There are even bottles with a built-in reusable straw to reduce the pollution from plastic straws. Take, for example, this stylish H2O Active: Tempo® Sports Bottle with a slimline design (see below), which is made from recyclable PET material.

Or, what about the H2O Tritan Base Sports Bottle, which has the same sleek shape as the Tempo model, but is made from hard wearing Tritan material. You could even add a coloured fruit infuser to the Tritan to add further value. This could be an especially great choice if your supporters tend to be athletic or active. And, because your charity logo or message is clearly displayed on the bottle, you’ll extend your visibility every time it’s used. Win-win!

Reusable Bags for Life

Did you know that the amount of plastic that enters our water system every year weighs the same as more than eight large aircraft carriers? It’s hard to even imagine. To reduce this pollution, many countries, including the UK, have introduced a 5p charge for plastic bags. Since then, scientists have documented a nearly 30 percent reduction in bags on the seabed!

Whether it’s for cost or pollution purposes, consumers are aware of and increasingly prefer to use reusable bags versus plastic ones. Selling or gifting a branded reusable bag will help your supporters do their part while raising money for your charity. And, given the popularity of reusable bags at the grocery store or while commuting, your charity name is sure to be seen time and time again.

One of our most popular bags for life is the tote bag. Reusable tote bags are low-cost, lightweight yet strong and they have a large print area for your charity logo and message. One fool-proof option is the classic cotton tote bag, like this example from Children’s Hospices UK. These bags could be sold on your charity website or at point of sale or retail locations. Tote bags won’t break the bank either; they could also be given away as a thank you to anyone that makes a donation to your charity. Other popular reusable bags include branded jute bags and foldable charity bags.

Reusable Thermal Mugs

Another big contributor to our landfills comes from takeaway coffee cups. In fact, the Independent has even launched a “Cut the Cup Waste” campaign to reduce the number of disposable cups through measures such as the 25p “latte levy”. Be a part of the movement and encourage your supporters to cut the cup with their own thermal mug from your charity!

Our Brite Americano® thermal mug is a popular choice. The mug features a full-colour wraparound design to truly capture the story of your charity. The mug was designed to stand up to heavy wear and tear, too, for even the biggest of tea drinkers. It’s top-rack dishwasher safe, microwave safe and BPA free. On top of that, with every use, you’ll be helping your supporters to cut the cup!

Reusable Lunch Coolers

When it comes to tackling pollution, a lot of people want to do their part but find it difficult to avoid disposable products in their day-to-day lives. For example, consumer research shows that nearly 75 percent of people that eat takeaway would prefer that their meals arrive without the unnecessary cutlery, straws and food packaging products. Why not give your supporters an alternative with a reusable lunch cooler? It will help reduce the waste from single-use items like paper lunch bags and plastic food wrap.

One popular and budget-friendly option is the Rainham Lunch Cooler Bag, which is made from partly recycled Reach-compliant polypropylene. This model has a front slip pocket and carry strap for easy transport. We think it makes a perfect lunch cooler for the office.

Another option is a plastic-based round salad box which has two compartments, a coloured lid and a multi-use piece of cutlery. Why not offer both the bag and the box as a lunch-time fundraising package? Your supporters might even save money, too, if they elect to bring their own lunch from time to time versus splurging on takeaway items!

We’ll close with one more startling statistic. Every minute, a million plastic bottles are bought around the world. If you look at just a single average UK household, each family uses 480 plastic bottles per year but only recycles 270 of them. Now is the perfect time to offer reusable fundraising items! When you do so, you’ll help your supporters tackle pollution, raise money for your critical mission and help protect our environment.

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