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5 Ideas for Pet-Friendly Fundraising Merchandise

16 April, 2018

At Rocket Charities, we love our pets. We’re not alone: people in the UK spent nearly £5 billion on their pets in 2016! April marks National Pet Month, a time to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership and the benefits of living with pets. National Pet Month is an opportunity to celebrate our shared love of animals and to raise money to help the ones that need it most.

This post highlights a few creative and pet-friendly fundraising ideas to help your charity leverage the power of pets this month to drive donations. You don’t need to have an animal focus at your organisation to take advantage of National Pet Month – you can design and offer special pet-related items on your charity website and promote it throughout April and beyond.

Perfect Pet Clothing

Pet lovers seek high-quality and appropriately-sized clothing for their pets to wear. Sometimes, this is for practical reasons to keep a short-haired dog warm and dry. Other times, people just want a fun or fashionable statement piece for their pooch! Why not offer your pet-loving supporters the opportunity to adorn their pets with your charity logo or message?

One example is a lovely “greyhound fleece” from the Greyhound Trust, a charity that helps find good homes for retired racing greyhounds. The charity’s soft, thick fleeces are the perfect greyhound “dressing gown” for car rides or under a rain jacket on damp days. The Greyhound Trust also offers advertising jackets (like, “Needs a Home”) that help the animals become adorable walking advertisements.

Charity Dog Collars

Pet collars are a functional and visible way to build awareness of your charity. Collars come in many different shapes and sizes for both dogs and cats. At Rocket Charities, we offer a high-visibility “Muttley” reflective pet collar that will help pets stay safe on night walks. It also features an adjustable strap and a side release clip for a perfect fit and easy on and off. Other examples from charities include the Greyhound Trust, which offers two house collars, and the RSPCA, which offers a high quality British bridle leather collar with an engravable ID tag.

Branded Bag Dispensers

Part of our duty as responsible pet owners is to clean up after them. Branded bag dispensers are a practical choice. We offer a customisable plastic bag dispenser that includes 20 plastic bags in a range of colours. This would be a great item for your urban supporters who walk their dogs in the city or in parks. Is your charity planning a fundraising walk or run? Consider adding the branded bag dispenser alongside typical race-day merchandise like t-shirts and water bottles. You might be surprised how many people will bring their dogs along for a fun run!

Pet Toys

People love to buy toys for their pets! From tennis balls to treat bowls, branded pet toys are a great way to let your pet-loving supporters give back to your charity. These items are a great addition to your other fundraising merchandise because they often have a lower price point and are an easy, one-size-fits-all option.

Colourful tennis balls are a popular choice for playing with a dog or puppy. Another idea is a customisable ball launcher to keep both your supporters and their pet busy and healthy with plenty of exercise.

Or try a “flybit frisbee” with easy grip rope handles and a bright fabric centre. Can’t you just picture your charity logo spinning through air at the park this spring?

Target Pet Owners

Don’t limit your ideas to just stuff for pets – you can also create great merchandise for the people who love them. Raise money for your charity with customised keyrings, fridge magnets, and even hats (help your supporters stay warm during chilly dog walks). Here’s a few creative examples from our customers.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains clever dogs to improve the lives of deaf people. The charity designed a versatile trolley coin keyring that is sells on its website for £1.99.

The Donkey Sanctuary works to transform the quality of life for donkeys and people worldwide. The charity created this soft PVC heart-shaped fridge magnet.

Have fun with your designs! We love these riding or welly boot donkey socks from the Donkey Sanctuary. It sells these at its charity store for £7.25 or £8.00. Socks and other small accessories are a great option for your supporters looking for fun and meaningful gifts for others.

This April, make it about the pets! Tap into National Pet Month and the love we share of animals to help drive donations to your charity. (Remember, people spent nearly £5 billion on their pets in 2016!) From clothing for pets to clothing for people who love pets, get in touch with us today to talk about how charity can be a part of this month-long celebration of our furry or four-legged friends.

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