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5 Creative Fundraising Merchandise Ideas that Kids Will Love

10 May, 2019

The 12th May marks National Children’s Day, a day that celebrates the importance of a healthy childhood and how we can ensure that our young people grow into happy and healthy adults. Councils, businesses, community groups, schools, charities and others also come together on this day to raise awareness of their own related projects or campaigns. If your charity focuses on children, or if you just want to put a bit of “fun” into your fundraising efforts this month, here are five creative merchandise ideas that we think kids and parents alike will love.

1) Here’s a Bag you CAN Colour On

A kids colouring bag reminds us that it’s OK to get a little messy and go outside the lines! We absolutely adore this fun and quirky bag for kids. It’s a small shopper-style bag with short handles – perfect for those trips to accompany mum to the market.

The bag comes with five bright crayons that kids can use to colour and decorate the bag any way they see fit. The bag can even be personalised with a design of your choice to highlight your charity or your campaign. And, after the bag masterpiece is complete, the one-of-a-kind bag would also make a lovely gift for mum or dad or the grandparents!

2) Because Kids Care About our Environment Too

The young environmental activist Greta Thunberg exemplifies the passion – and pressure – that young people feel toward our changing climate. Support this activism in a small way by selecting merchandise for kids that’s made from natural or recycled products. One example is this eco-friendly flying disc, which is made locally in the UK from recycled plastic.

On top of that, the vibrant, lightweight design flies exceptionally well, making play that much more fun. This disc comes in eight standard colours but you can also make it entirely your own with custom Pantone matching at no additional cost.

3) Fun Badges to Collect and Trade with Friends

Badges aren’t just for adults! Kids love to receive pins and badges that they can wear or trade with their friends and schoolmates. Choose a badge style that will resonate with younger recipients, such as our rubberised or soft PVC badges which are colourful and tactile; they’re the perfect canvas for cartoon characters or mascots. Action Medical Research for Children, for example, uses adorable Paddington Bear pins like this one to help raise money for the charity.

4) Word Games to Practice Spelling and Sentences

Educational games are fun! For your next fundraising campaign, consider an engaging word game to entertain kids while getting your message across. We offer a high-quality magnetic word game; players get to separate and rearrange the pieces to create their own interesting phrases. You can design something from one of our templates or create your own design. The word game is also lightweight and comes in a variety of thicknesses, making it a great choice if you intend your mail your fundraising merchandise.

5) Active Games to Get Kids Outside (and Away from Screens!)

Last but not least, why not select something that encourages kids to get outside and play? With summer and holiday travel around the corner, interactive items that can be used outdoors will be a welcome treat for both parents and kids!

One popular item is this bubble blower toy, which is a small tub filled with CE tested and certified traditional bubbles and a wand. This would also be a great party favor to fill gift bags for a children’s party or promotion. Kids will enjoy it, and, with a bright, custom label, parents will clearly connect the bubble blower to your charity or campaign. If the children tire of the bubble wand, there’s plenty of creative ideas for games with bubbles, such as bubble hide and seek or a bubble relay.

We hope this post inspires you to put some fun into your fundraising this month for National Children’s Day. If you promote your campaign on social media, remember to include the hashtag #NCDUK2019 to raise your visibility even further. Another great idea is to select several different items for kids and package them together in a poly bag, special custom gift box or even the kids colouring bag that we mention above!

Please get in touch with us today to talk about all sorts of great merchandise to entertain children and raise funds for your cause.  

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