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4 Charity Campaigns Raising Awareness for Childhood Cancer

3 September, 2019

Every week in the UK, more than 30 children and young people are diagnosed with some form of cancer. Survival rates for children’s cancer have more than doubled in the last 40 years in the UK, but there’s still much more we can do to help patients and their families. This month marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support young lives affected by cancer. At Rocket Charities, we’re incredibly fortunate to work with many wonderful charities that support this critical cause. 

Here, we share a few ways that charities are helping to bring greater awareness to childhood cancer this month, and beyond. Read on and do your part by committing to participate in one of these or many other great campaigns.  

1) Challenge60 with CLIC Sargent

Young people with cancer face a 60-mile round trip for treatment, on average. The long travel isn’t typically by choice – families often need to get to specialised clinics for the right treatment, adding stress and burden to an already traumatic and difficult situation. To help, leading charity CLIC Sargent launched a Challenge60 campaign during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to raise money to help struggling families and support research and awareness of childhood cancer. 

Challenge60 asks people to commit to a 60-mile challenge of their choosing. This could be running, biking or swimming a total of 60 miles over the month of September. Which means that you don’t need to train and complete the distance in one challenging event. With Challenge60, you can break this up into manageable, achievable increments, like running two miles a day for the month. (And who knows, you might even keep it up even after the month is over!) The goal is for each participant to raise £180. Read more and sign up for Challenge60 here

2) #WearTheRibbon from Children with Cancer UK

The gold ribbon is a recognised symbol for childhood cancer, around the world. An easy and visible way to support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is to wear a gold ribbon in September. The #WearTheRibbon campaign from Children with Cancer UK asks people to take it one step further and share the reasons why they choose to wear the gold ribbon. 

The result is a trove of compelling stories that are shared on social media and elsewhere. #WearTheRibbon participants submit inspiring pictures and videos that help bring visibility and compassion to the cause. You can also post them to social media yourself with the hashtag, #WearTheRibbon. The charity supplies a digital ribbon that you can print or re-purpose in a number of creative ways to talk about your motivations, from supporting nurses that care for children to raising funds for critical cancer research. It’s an inspiring and easy way to do your part in September. Learn more and read some of the stories here

Children with Cancer UK


3) Be Bold. Go Gold. from Children’s Cancer and Leukemia Group

If you’re looking for a flexible and fun campaign that you can do at work, home, school or in your neighbourhood, look to the “Be Bold. Go Gold.” campaign from Children’s Cancer and Leukemia Group.  Like the #WearTheRibbon campaign, the gold awareness ribbon is the centerpiece of the challenge. But how you participate is entirely up to you! The campaign provides creative fundraising ideas like a gold-themed fashion show, a wear-gold-to-work day or a bake sale featuring sweets with gold decorations. 

The charity provides everything you need to take part in September, including a free fundraising kit, a list of ideas for fun and effective fundraising and free printables to spice up your event. At Rocket Charities, we were honored to work with the charity to make these iconic gold ribbon badges. Learn more about #BeBoldGoGold and plan your unique campaign here.

4) Kids & Teens from Cancer Research UK

While Childhood Cancer Awareness Month takes place every September around the world, you can support the cause any time of year. Kids & Teens is an ongoing campaign from Cancer Research UK that raises money to fight cancers among children and young people. Participants can donate, volunteer or buy a gold ribbon pin badge in a number of local Cancer Research UK shops. The charity offers ample resources to help supporters plan and host their own fundraising events throughout the month and year. Learn more and get started with Kids & Teens, anytime.

This September, how else do you plan to participate in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? We’d love to hear about your ideas and successes. Every year in the UK, there are 1,900 new cancer cases in young people, which is around five people per day. It’s a vital cause that we can all get behind, from small gestures to milestone events.

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