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3 Ways to Go Yellow for the Great Daffodil Appeal 2019

5 March, 2019

Chances are, you’ll see many people wearing yellow flower pins across the UK this month. It’s not the latest fashion trend (though it certainly could be!), but rather people supporting the Great Daffodil Appeal, the biggest annual fundraising campaign from the Marie Curie charity. Money raised during the very successful campaign helps provide care for people living with a terminal illness, in their own homes.

In short, the more daffodil pins or other merchandise that people purchase and wear, the more families Marie Curie can help. This post presents three ways that you can show your support for the Great Daffodil Appeal today and throughout the month, whether you’re looking for campaign ideas for your own charity or just trying to do your part to support an important cause.

1. Go yellow and choose your favourite daffodil pin.

These iconic yellow flower pins have become an instant symbol for the Great Daffodil Appeal. While every person wears a flower pin for their own special reason, everyone who participates by wearing campaign merchandise is helping to support the charity’s overall mission to help people living with terminal illness. The classic yellow daffodil pin, which is made from fabric, is available to anyone for any donation.

Credit: Marie Curie

But you can make the campaign all your own! The charity also offers a range of other daffodil badges and brooches in various finishes for sale on its online shop, ranging from £2 to £15. In this way, you can choose a daffodil pin that fits your personal style, use and budget. Or buy several and give them to your friends, family and colleagues for memorable, feel-good spring gifts.

Credit: Marie Curie

If you’re planning your own charity fundraising campaign, you’ll also want to think about where and how you sell your special merchandise. Marie Curie offers the classic daffodil pins from a number of street collectors, at Marie Curie shops and in various stores in the UK (including Spar and Superdrug), as well as online. Offering your supporters multiple options to purchase campaign merchandise – both online and in person – is a savvy strategy to encourage greater participation and more donations.

2. Go yellow and carry a daffodil bag.

Pins and badges not your thing? Another way to participate in the Great Daffodil Appeal is with an eye-catching, fashion-forward and functional daffodil bag. Marie Curie offers a range of different bag styles from lovely totes to handy drawstring backpacks to cute jute bags featuring daffodils and birds – truly something for everyone.

For example, we love this Marie Curie Large Daffodils Shopper Bag, made from natural, sturdy and stylish jute material. It’s large enough (34.5 x 40 x 17 cm) to use for shopping and errands from morning to night yet fashionable enough to complete your spring wardrobe. There’s also classic cotton bags and smaller shopper bags, perfect for carrying lunches to and from the office. 100 percent of profits from every product goes toward the charity’s mission to provide high quality care to people who need it.

Credit: Marie Curie

As a bonus, with the purchase of a Great Daffodil Appeal bag, you’ll not only be supporting the campaign, but you’ll also reduce plastic pollution by opting for an environmentally friendly, reusable bag over disposable single-use plastic bags. The more you use your bag, the more exposure you’ll bring to the campaign and the charity. Now that’s a win-win-win!

3. Go yellow with bright clothing.

Both badges and bags not your thing? Marie Curie also offers a wide variety of wearables, from bracelets and necklaces to towels to clothing. We love this Marie Curie jacket, which provides protection from the wind and water, perfect for our unpredictable and wet spring weather. The jacket also folds neatly into its own pocket, making it a perfect pick to carry along to charity events, to stay dry while exercising or to brighten up your errands about town on a rainy spring day.

Credit: Marie Curie

Lastly,  for our charity staffers out there, take a note from Marie Curie and think about a meaningful and strategic symbol around which to base your campaign and your bespoke merchandise. The daffodil, for example, is a spring flower that blooms as winter ends. For Marie Curie, the choice of the daffodil symbolises spring, new beginnings and rebirth and has become a positive, life-affirming symbol for the charity. Colour choice is important, too. The daffodil’s vibrant, joyful colour adds to the overall ethos of the campaign. Look for similarly bright or striking hues or interesting combinations of colours for your own campaign. At Rocket Charities, we can help you turn your vision and palette into unique designs on a nearly limitless range of products.

We hope this post inspires you to participate in the Great Daffodil Appeal this day and all month long, as a dedicated supporter or to learn and apply some of the successful strategies to your own campaign. Besides bespoke merchandise, the campaign also offers opportunities to donate money, volunteer, fundraise alone or with a group or become a corporate partner. How else to do you plan to get involved? We’d love to hear more about it. We hope to see you out and about this month and among the many people wearing yellow daffodils!

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