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3 Reasons Charity Badges are the Perfect Fundraising Product

2 October, 2018

We’re honored to support some great charities around the world to help them envision and produce the perfect fundraising products. But despite the wide range of merchandise that we create for these organisations, charity badges continue to be one of the most popular and effective products that we get asked about, time after time.

Has your charity explored giveaway items? Or perhaps you’d like to launch or expand your online charity store to raise additional profit for your cause? In this post, we present three of the top reasons why you might want to consider charity badges for your fundraising campaign this year.

Charity Badges are Low Cost, High Return

Charity badges are one of the most budget-friendly merchandise items available. Small or growing charities often have limited budgets for marketing. Even large charities have to make decisions when it comes to smart use of time, budget and resources for things like fundraising merchandise.

One of the great things about charity badges is that you can choose from a wide range of badge styles and quantities to meet your specific budget, from classic fundraising badges to collectable badges. Button badges, especially, are low-cost and make the perfect giveaway item for your next campaign or event. And, as you’ve probably experienced, the right giveaway item can really help your organisation connect with people to build awareness of your cause and engage supporters who might later become key donors.

Not only are charity badges inexpensive, but they’re also high return. Charity badges by design will give your charity a lot of exposure because they get noticed – many people wear the badges on coats, backpacks or laptop bags. Charity badges are also becoming quite the collectable item today – one tip is to consider how you could create an entire series of collectable badges to tell the story of your charity and raise funds over the long term. Here’s a lovely example we did with the Wildlife Trusts.

charity badge design
Credit: Wildlife Trusts

Charity Badges are Versatile

In the nearly ten years we’ve been supporting charities with fundraising products, it’s hard to think of a single campaign for which charity badges weren’t a strong addition. Badges can help take your campaign to the next level, be it a giveaway item at your next fun run, a point-of-sale item at a retail location, gifts for your donors or collectable badge campaigns.

One campaign opportunity you might not have thought of is weddings. Weddings are a great and often under-utilised way to raise money for your charity. Try offering your supporters a charitable version of popular wedding items like place cards, gift bags, donation boxes or wedding favours, like charity badges.

For example, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children created an entire line of charity wedding gifts and favours that it sells on its website, including this NSPCC dove pin badge. Not only does the product create an additional fundraising stream for your charity, but it helps your supporters plan for a meaningful and unique wedding by incorporating a bit of the causes of they care about.

Credit: NSPCC

Charity Badges are Customisable

Charity badge designs are limited only by your creativity! Badges come in a tremendously wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and materials and can be completely customised for your charity, perhaps according to the season or to leverage popular monthly awareness campaigns, such as the upcoming breast cancer awareness campaign in October.

Take a look at our website to get a glimpse of some of the badge variety, from handsome, three dimensional die cast badges that are quite funky and modern to material badges and glitter and stone set badges. We also really love a good challenge at Rocket Charities. If you have a vision for the perfect charity badge but don’t see something similar on our site or with other manufacturers, please tell us about it! Chances are, our expert craftspeople can design you something entirely unique.

Lastly, charity badges are fast. We manufacture our badges right here in UK, which means we design, produce and deliver them to you quickly for all of your upcoming campaigns. In fact, some badges can be manufactured in a week if that helps you! Don’t forget, the holidays are around the corner and gift-giving is increasingly on people’s minds from now until the new year. Which makes now the perfect time to consider adding charity badges to your organisation’s fundraising efforts.

Please get in touch with us to talk through your fundraising goals, brainstorm clever charity badges and even put together an express quote for you and your team.

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