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3 Practical Ways to Maximise Year-End Giving

7 November, 2018

Year-end giving is a big deal for charities like yours. According to the Digital Giving Index, more than one-third of annual giving occurs in the month of December. In fact, 12 percent of giving occurs on the last three days of the year! Year-end giving also sets the stage for the future. A gift at the end of the year could inspire recurring giving; donors who start giving in December are worth 52% more over time. This post presents three creative yet proven ways your charity can tap into the holiday shopping season and boost donations through year-end giving.

Tap into the Year-End Potential with Collection Tins and Buckets

For the public, collection tins or buckets are a familiar and comfortable way to give donations. For your charity, these collection tins are a low-cost, high-yield and versatile tool. These items can be featured at special events or venues or they can be placed at counter top locations.

To inspire donations, collection tins and buckets must clearly convey your mission, at a glance. The good news is that these items are highly customisable! They offer a large surface area on which to place your charity’s name, image or message.

Tins are also long-lasting and can be re-used. With the holidays and new year approaching, you likely have many fundraising events planned over the next several weeks. Order customised tins today that can be used multiple times to inspire consistent giving across all of your year-end activities.

Your charity collectors can also use these customised tins and buckets for street collections and more organic fundraising. If this is an option, we also recommend clear identification for your staff or volunteers to lend authenticity and professionalism to your fundraising activities. Consider adding customised badges to clearly identify your staff or volunteers in these public venues. And be sure to look for tins and boxes that are tamper-proof!

Tis the Season for Sharing, So Share Your Collection Boxes!

The holidays are a time to share with others. So why not send bespoke charity collection boxes to your supporters and encourage them to fundraise on your behalf around their home or in their office? Many people might want to support your charity but they might not know how to get started. Give them an easy way to contribute to your charity’s cause by providing collection boxes that they can place in their local community or place of business. This might include places where people are especially likely to donate small change, like churches, schools, offices or shops.

Many suppliers, like Rocket Charities, can ship these boxes flat for easy distribution to your charity collectors.

High-Street Retailing with Wristbands, Keyrings and Badges

Another way to maximise year-end giving is to consider selling charity merchandise at a retail checkout point. Many busy shoppers are looking for small, last-minute and meaningful gifts as stocking stuffers. Tap into this need with branded gifts like charity wristbands and bracelets, keyrings, stuffed toys and badges. Here’s a few creative ideas for branded items that you can offer for sale at popular retailers:

  • Consider charity wristbands. The immense popularity of these wristbands began with the iconic Livestrong bracelet, a bright yellow silicone gel wristband. Charity wristbands are a highly visible and proven way for people to participate in and support your charity. Today, these wristbands are also very customisable, including child and adult sizes, printed or embossed, colour matching, and even glow in the dark!
  • Branded key rings are a fabulous way to ensure that your charity gets into the right hands, quite literally. Key rings are highly useful products and offer tremendous daily exposure for your charity. They can be made of a number of materials and styles at a surprisingly low cost with a high donation opportunity.
  • You’ve seen them before – button badges are the small, interesting buttons that you often see at the checkout counter. Many charities ask for a small donation or purchase, and the donor receives the button as a thank you. This is a great way to meet your supporters at opportune point-of-sale moments. Buttons raise awareness because they get noticed – many people wear the buttons on coats, backpacks or laptop bags. Some people even collect them!

These low-cost items will appeal to a wide range of shoppers. You could also get creative with where you sell these items; in addition to retailers, consider working with pubs, restaurants and reception desks to sell your charitable gifts.

Remember that display goes a long way toward inspiring purchases. Look for suppliers that can also provide branded, specially designed boxes or a presentation that clearly conveys the mission and impact of your charity. This will help your items stand out from standard store merchandise.

Now is the perfect time for your charity to invest in collection boxes or other for-sale items. Did you know that the amount of giving to all major types of charitable organisations increased in 2016 compared with the previous year? This moment presents the single biggest giving opportunity of the calendar year. Boost your donations through creative, customised and inspiring collection boxes, tins and retail gifts. Rocket Charities can help you design items that will boost your donations now and well into the new year. Get in touch with us today to start creating the perfect products for your cause!

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