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The Best Merchandise for Charity Giveaways

5 August, 2019

We’re back again with a common refrain: people love giveaways! Thankfully, the days of cheap, disposable freebies are giving way to more meaningful, durable and functional giveaways that your supporters will want to use over and over again. Giveaways are also an incredibly powerful marketing tool for charities, as they help build awareness, encourage donations

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7 Creative Summer Charity Merchandise Ideas

17 July, 2019

Last year was officially the hottest summer on record in the UK. Perhaps you recall the six-week stint we had in August when our temps were consistently above 30C? Whether or not we break that record this summer, one thing is certain – summer is a great time to focus on your fundraising! In particular,

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5 Sustainable Shoppers for Eco-Friendly Fundraising

4 July, 2019

Our planet and our people matter to us. Which is why we’re honored when we can help our charity clients design eco-friendly merchandise that protects our environment while helping you achieve your fundraising goals.  For example, many of us are taking steps to reduce the amount of plastic we use so that less enters our

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