• What’s red and white and seen all over? Awareness ribbons! With White Ribbon Day (November 25) and World AIDS Day (December 1), you’ve undoubtedly been seeing awareness ribbons all over this season. Both campaigns have successfully used awareness ribbons as the centrepiece of their activities to build awareness and visibility of their cause and drive their fundraising efforts. This post will look at how these campaigns have tapped into the success of awareness ribbons and provide tips for how charities like yours can mirror their success.

    World AIDS Day: The Ubiquitous Red Ribbon

    World AIDS Day occurs every year on December 1, concepted and led by the National AIDS Trust (NAT). The campaign unties people around the globe in the fight against HIV and encourages people to show support for those with HIV as well as to commemorate those who have passed away from AIDS-related illnesses.

    The centrepiece of the campaign is, of course, the red ribbon. The red ribbon has become one of the most recognised symbols and signifies awareness and support of World AIDS Day. The campaign website offers a clear path for supporters to get and wear the red ribbon. For example, people who intend to fundraise for NAT can complete an order form for 100 red ribbons, at no cost. Others can purchase fabric ribbons and red ribbon brooches form the NAT shop and wear them to show support. Ribbons are also available from partner stores across the UK, and people can purchase these in person for a small suggested donation.

    The campaign has been particularly successful because artists and prominent people participated at an early stage; the ribbons continue to be seen in high-profile places like concerts and award ceremonies.

    A Range of Options for White Ribbon Day

    The White Ribbon Campaign UK takes place November 25 and is part of a global movement to end male violence against women and girls. The campaign engages men as advocates to create a space in which they can make their voices heard and be part of the solution. The centrepiece of their campaign is the White Ribbon, a simple, clear and visible sign of support.

    Key to its success, White Ribbon Day offers people a range of ways to participate. This includes a wide selection of white ribbon designs and styles that can be purchased and worn in support of ending violence against women. White Ribbon Day also offers supporters – both men and women – a clear way to get further involved, from purchasing and wearing white ribbons and other merchandise to hosting local events. The campaign asks men and boys to sign a pledge, share their thoughts on social media, donate and even to become ambassadors. To date, the campaign has received more than 30,000 pledges!

    For both charities, what has been successful is clear and consistent branding around a simple but powerful symbol: the awareness ribbon. Consider doing the same to help amplify your own charity and drive donations through awareness ribbons and other branded merchandise.

    Tips and Best Practices for Your Charity

    Your charity can learn from these examples to extend your own campaign and drive donations. Here’s a few lessons.

    – Clearly articulate your message and mission, including your fundraising goals. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to understand, connect with and support or donate to your charity! Remind people why they should spend money on ribbons or other merchandise and where that money goes. How does their small purchase help the campaign?

    – Present very clear calls to action. Do you want people to purchase and wear a ribbon? Or do you want them to pledge to fundraise on your behalf in exchange for free awareness ribbons? Consider a range of options to appeal to all levels of supporters.

    – Create a website, landing page and commerce site for people to purchase awareness ribbons or other merchandise.

    – Promote all your campaign gatherings and activities and offer awareness ribbons at these events or locations. For example, you might find that more people purchase ribbons or give donations at checkout counters than they do online.

    – Leverage your VIP and high-profile advocates or consider engaging schools, universities and workplaces, or get creative and host special events like runs or trivia contests.

    Awareness ribbons and other promotional products can help your charity raise awareness and encourage donations through clear and consistent branding. At Rocket Charities, we can help you think through and create awareness ribbons that will set you on a path to meeting your fundraising and impact goals. Get in touch with us today!

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