• When it comes to fundraising merchandise, many charities go with the tried-and-true T-shirt, and there is nothing wrong with this. But today, charities have a real opportunity to think outside of the T-shirt box. There are many great “wearable” ways to build awareness and drive donations. This post looks at five unique ways that charities can promote their causes through customised, wearable products, including running vests, fleeces, fundraising bracelets, medals, and cufflinks.

    Running Vests: Picture 1,000 People Wearing Your Charity Message

    If you’re organising any sort of charity athletic event – be it a 5K “fun run” or a triathlon – a running vest is a MUST for your participants. The vests will build excitement and bring participants together on race day toward a common goal. People are taking the time out of their lives to train for, fundraise, and run for your charity; reward these dedicated people and donors with a practical, but keepsake memento like a running vest.

    Bonus: Customised running vests will also help your message and name reach hundreds or thousands of people along the course and afterward through photos, websites, PR, press, and social media!

    Charity Fleeces for Year-Round, Weather-Proof Visibility

    Now picture the same 1,000 people wearing your charity logo, in the winter! Are you planning a fundraising event or race during the holidays or colder months? A beautiful, high-quality, customised fleece will keep your donors warm and your message visible throughout the day, and all year long. Wearable fleeces make great race-day items for participants, but can also be given away to race staff or volunteers, or sold on your charity website. They’re available in a range of colours and styles (like half or full zip) for men, women, and even children!

    Fundraising Bracelets: Fresh and Fashionable

    Fresh, innovative and fashionable, fundraising bracelets are quickly becoming the number one fundraising product in the UK. They’re made of high-quality fabric material versus the silicon gel of traditional charity wristbands (like the iconic yellow Livestrong bracelet). We’re particularly excited about these wearable items because they’re low-cost and high value – bracelets are an easy but very visible way to build awareness of your charity.

    The bracelets can be branded on both sides of the material, making them the ideal canvas to showcase your message. The creative design possibilities are endless, too – each bracelet can be printed in full colour, spot printed, or even woven.

    At Rocket Charities, our fundraising bracelets are finished off with two silver or black beads to make it fully adjustable and able to fit any wrist. Which also means they won’t fall off and can stand withstand inclement weather. During large charity events with lots of participants, the bracelets can also help you identify participants or staff, and serve as safety check for you and your supporters.

    Thank You Medals for Your Biggest Advocates

    What could be more handsome and eye-catching than a customised medal? These wearable items make the perfect reward for race winners or participants. For example, we designed a ribbon medal for Run the River participants, a growing corporate challenge from Citi that takes place at twilight along the Thames.

    The medals are both functional – they can help you identify race participants – and thoughtful – “thank you” medals could be given to people who donate their time, services or money to your charity event. Medals are high-quality and long-lasting. In fact, we’d venture to guess that your donors will hang on to or even display their medals for years to come.

    Cufflinks: Not Just for Corporates

    Don’t rule out customised cufflinks! Many people think of branded cufflinks as a corporate gift, but these high-quality, wearable products are a great way for charities to reward your biggest supports or VIP donors. Hosting a charity dinner or a more formal fundraising event? Cufflinks that feature your charity logo are a great way to bring a room together.

    Another great idea is to include custom cufflinks as a high-value auction item to raise money for your charity! Charity cufflinks have real lasting visibility, too – supporters will wear your cufflinks on numerous other occasions.

    Wearable items are a proven way to get your charity in front of – and on – your biggest and best donors. You could also consider bundling some of these items! On the morning of a big race, give away a fundraising bracelet with a running vest. Or, place multiple wearable items and donation information into a customised re-usable bag! With all items, we can help you pick the best sizes, shapes, and designs to help you get your message out. Get in touch with us today to talk about your creative wearable ideas!

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