• Cost is an ongoing and huge concern for charities. Even the largest, longest-running charities have to make decisions when it comes to smart use of time, budget and resources. A persistent challenge for charities is how to drive significant donations with a small budget. This post will look at some budget-friendly fundraising merchandise that delivers big donations without breaking the bank.

    Tap into the Popularity of Charity Wristbands

    The immense popularity of charity wristbands began with the iconic Livestrong bracelet, a bright yellow silicone gel wristband. Since then, the allure of wristbands has not waned.  Branded wristbands are a highly visible and proven way for people to participate in and support your charity. Wristbands can be given away, sold as merchandise or they can be a reward for people who make donations to your charity.

    For example, Rocket Charities helped Kick it Out create branded wristbands, which they sell on their website in bags of 15. Kick it Out is football’s equality and inclusion organisation. They designed really clever wristbands, which include the charity’s Twitter handle on the inside of the band, and the charity logo and tagline on the outside.

    And what’s best? Charity wristbands are low cost and incredibly effective! Today, these wristbands are also very customisable, including child and adult sizes, printed or embossed, colour matching, and even glow in the dark! At Rocket Charities, wristbands are one of our most popular items for charities large and small, because they work.

    Affordable Key Rings to Get You in the Hands of Donors

    Branded key rings are a fabulous way to ensure that your charity gets into the right hands, quite literally. Key rings are highly useful products and offer tremendous daily exposure for your charity. Today, key rings can be made of a number of materials and styles at a surprisingly low cost with a high donation opportunity.

    An office favourite was a key ring we created for the Greyhound Trust, a charity that has been finding loving homes for retired greyhounds since 1975. We helped the Greyhound Trust create a bespoke key ring that features the mascot as a charm and a silver tag with their charity name. We also helped the Alzhemiers Society put together a branded trolley key ring which the charity sells on their website.

    Enamel Badges to Drive Point-of-Sale Donations

    You’ve seen them before – many charities sell enamel badges or lapel pins at the checkout counter to help raise funds for their cause. This is a great way to meet your supporters at opportune point-of-sale moments. Badges raise awareness because they get noticed – many people wear the badges on coats, backpacks or laptop bags. Some people even collect them!

    One creative marketing idea is to ask your supporters to share a picture of them wearing the badge on social media. Use a consistent hashtag and share and comment on these submitted photos. It’s a clever way to get people involved with your campaign and publicly thank them for their support.

    Creating branded badges for charity is also a cost-effective, high-impact way to drive donations. These badges come in a range of sizes and print options to make your products truly unique.

    With all items, make sure you work these products into your overall communications strategy, so that your supporters can understand what you are trying to achieve. Low-cost, branded merchandise is an achievable way for you to make the most of limited budget and resources. And, with Rocket Charities, you can consider our expert team as another dedicated resource, to you! Please reach out today to talk about how we can help you put together the perfect, affordable branded merchandise.

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